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Black Line Tiger by Fun Factory

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Fun Factory Tiger Black Line
Fun Factory Tiger in Black
Fun Factory Tiger Black Line Dimensions
Rechargeable Fun Factory Tiger
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This tiger has shed its strips and gone black.  Really black.  Introducing the new Black Line from Fun Factory. It's black and it's bold.  And it's a force to be acknowledged.

Strong, agile and flexible, the Fun Factory Tiger lives up to its name. The prominent ridging and the bent tip really intensely massage the G-spot in a woman and the prostate in a man. The particularly pliable shaft made of medical-grade silicone can, thanks to the unique FlexiFUN Technology, adapt to the body's shape and any imaginable position.

With a total of 12 vibration programs, the Tiger can go from mild to wild.  The ergonomic control unit LOOP, with a little cutout in the handle, rests comfortably in the user's hand. With an index finger looped through the silver ring to hold it, the toy rests in the palm and the three touch buttons of the PRESS FUN TO PLAY controls can be easily controlled using a thumb. If you can text with your thumb, you can work the Tiger.  Regardless of your texting agility, the navigation is easy and comfortable with the + and – buttons. The red FUN button starts and stops.

The powerful motor of the vibrator is designed to allow more energy into the silicone shaft. The intense vibrations are distributed without losing any strength throughout the entire shaft and right up to the tip of the toy.  A battery level display ensures that Tiger doesn't poop out at crucial moments.  The QuickSTOP function using the FUN button stops any secret adventures in half a second.


  • Deep, rumbling, powerful vibration
  • Quiet motor
  • Flexible shaft that moves with your motion
  • 6 vibration rhythms and 6 vibration intensities
  • Curved tip for G-spot and prostate massage
  • Loop handle for easy hold (even with lube hands)
  • Easily rechargeable with the magnetic charging cable
  • 100% waterproof
  • “Made in Germany”
  • Medical-grade silicone – free of harmful substances and odor
  • Velvety smooth surface

Dimensions: 9 inches long x 1.5 inches wide

MUF Heads Up: Before first use, charge the toy completely! The first charging process could take up to 12 hours! Please read carefully the information provided in the user manual.



9 inches
1.5 inches
Power Source:

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