Clitoral Vibrators

Most women need clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm. To this end, clitoral vibrators are designed for targeted stimulation. From palm-sized, discreet vibes to personal massagers, clitoral vibrators come in a wide assortment of designs, and many of them have multiple vibration modes for customized pleasure. These vibes are usually extremely powerful, discreet and quiet for maximum satisfaction during use. Some clit vibes feature nubs and textures, while others are silky-smooth for slick sensations.

Clitoral Vibrators
  • 7X Pulse Pro Pulsating & Clit Stim Vibe w/ Remote Inmi 7X Pulse Pro Pulsating & Clit Stimulator

    7X Pulse Pro Pulsating Vibe w/ Remote

    The  unique ergonomic design and powerful motors combine to give you a fulfilling toy that is easy on your hands but still intensely pleasurable where you need it. This nifty toy features a pulsing clitoral pad and robust g-spot vibrating stem to...
  • Adam & Eve's Dirty Little Secret Vibrator Adam & Eve's Dirty Little Secret Vibrator

    Adam & Eve's Dirty Little Secret Vibrator

    This really should be renamed to my perfect little secret.  This a discreet yet powerful silicone vibe that can keep a secret. Chances are it is quieter than you. Equipped  with 10 vibration functions and a push button control it's so easy to...
  • Adam and Eve Adan and Eves Thumping Love Button Bullet Adam and Eve Adan and Eves Thumping Love Button Bullet

    Adan & Eve's Thumping Love Button Bullet

    Lavish your love button with big thumping pleasure. This rechargeable silicone bullet’s pleasure point thumps right against your clit for sensations. Seven intense thumping speeds let you ramp up to a wild rhythm that's sure to take you right over...
  • Advanced Butterfly Clitoral Pump Advanced Butterfly Clitoral Pump

    Advanced Butterfly Clitoral Pump

      The Advanced Butterfly Clitoral Pump will produce new erotic highs that will certainly make your heart and something else flutter This ultra feminine  clitoral pump has a silicone butterfly cup  with 50 intimate ticklers and 4 speed...
  • Cloud 9 Air Touch Rabbit Vibrator Air Touch Rabbit with Suction

    Air Touch 2 Suction Rabbit Vibrator

    The Cloud 9 Air Touch 2 is not your typical rabbit-style vibrator.  It is a rabbit vibrator with suction.  And clitoral suction is very effective in producing orgasms.  Air Touch Clitoral Suction Vibrator  combines sensual clitoral...
  • Aria Vitality Rechargeable Bullet Kit with Remote Aria Vitality Rechargeable Bullet Kit with Sleeves

    Aria Vitality Bullet Kit with Remote

      Be prepared to be dazzled. Aria Vitality Rechargeable Bullet Kit is full of color, wonder and power. Petite and pretty, the Vitality packs an erotic punch as it turns your finger into magic wand.  The kit includes powerful bullet and 3 soft...
  • Aria Vivacity Rechargeable Bullet Kit Aria Vivacity Rechargeable Bullet Kit

    Aria Vivacity Rechargeable Bullet Kit

      Be prepared to be dazzled. Aria Vivacity Rechargeable Bullet Kit is full of color, wonder and power.  Pretty and petite, Vivacity packs an erotic punch. Strong vibrations and pocket-sized pleasure. Measuring just 3 inches in length, the...
  • Aria - Finger Wand Finger Massager Rechargeable Aria - Finger Wand

    Aria Rechargeable Finger Vibrator

      Turn you finger into a magic wand with The Aria Finger wand in fuchsia. It is the perfect traveling bullet that can be used alone or with a partner. The Aria Finger Wand is compact, measuring just under 3 inches, but what it lacks in size, it...
  • Aria Tickler Multi Speed Vibrator Aria Tickler Multi Speed Vibrator Size

    Aria Tickler Multi Speed Vibrator

    The Aria Tickler is a pocket-sized pleasure toy that is designed to tease and build excitement. Press the rotating ticklers up against your sensitive spots, like your clitoris, nipples, or underside of the penis and explore the variable tickler speeds...
  • Auto Sucking and Licking Clit Pump Silicone Suction Cup

    Auto Sucking and Licking Clit Pump

      Suction your sensitive vulva with texture and vibration. Place the silicone cup against your labia and clitoris and use the automatic pump to turn on the vacuum and vibration. Soft tendrils will massage your most delicate parts while a small...
  • Ayu Fingers Vibrator Set Ayu Finger Vibe Set

    Ayu Mini Finger Vibe Set

    MSRP: $26.95
    These silky little vibes are designed to instantly transform fingers into in little sensual massagers. Ayu finger vibes fit snugly and comfortably over fingertips. Perfect for foreplay, each vibe features an extra petite size and super-quiet operation...
  • Berman Center Athena Waterproof Clitoral Massager Athena Mini Waterproof Massager

    Berman Center Athena Mini Massager

    Berman Center Intimate Accessories Collection was designed by women for women to give you and your partner exactly what you need to optimize your sex life. The Athena is a small powerful waterproof massager that fits comfortably between you and your...
  • Bloom Intimate Body Pump with Cups Bloom Intimate Body Pump

    Bloom Intimate Body Pump

    Let your lady bloom. This automatic suction cup and vibrator has 4 different-sized, interchangeable heads with soft, silicone rims made for stimulating the user's clitoris, vulva, and nipples. The cups are designed to follow the natural curve of a...
  • Lipstick Vibrator Lipstick Vibrator Packaging

    Blush Lipstick Vibrator

    No sure of your shade?  We have the perfect lipstick shade for you. Wink wink. If you find yourself in the need of a quick pick me up?  We've got you covered.  The Lipstick Vibe was designed for the discreet gal on the go. Providing...
  • Breeze Wisteria Waterproof Vibrator in Purple Breeze Wisteria Waterproof Vibrator Packaging

    Breeze PowerBullet G Wisteria

      The Wisteria is the ultra silky Breeze Bullet upgraded for the G-Spot. Great for clitoral and vaginal use, the Wisteria features a broader curved end, which means more surface area will be stimulated. Covered in a silky finish, the Wisteria...
  • California Dreaming Surf City Centerfold Vibrator California Dreaming Surf City Centerfold

    California Dreaming Surf City Massager

    Catch the waves of pleasure with California Dreaming Surf City Centerfold.  The powerful wand massager has 3 thumping pulsation intensities and 10 functions of vibration.   The easy-touch 2-button control lets you cycle through the...
  • Rocks Off Chaiamo Rechargeable  Bullet Vibrator Chaiamo Vibrator

    Chaiamo Multi Function Vibrator

    For your Divine Pleasure Elegant, highly powerful and crafted to absolute perfection Chaiamo has been exquisitely designed to drive you to the ultimate climax. Lose yourself in sublime sensory pleasure as Chaiamo sends strong and deep sensual...
  • Sreaming O Rechargeable FingO Vibrator Screaming O Rechargeable Fing O

    Charged Fing O Rechargeable Finger Vibe

      Turn you finger into a vibrator.  The Charged Fing Ois a mini vibe powered by famous Vooom vibration technology that is worn on your finger. Featuring a unique low-pitch motor, the Charged Fing O rumbles with deep vibration and turns your...
  • Clit Arouser Pussy Pleaser

Clit Arouser Pussy Pleaser Package

    Clit Arouser

    The Clit Arouser is a soft pink jelly suction with cupped stimulator with textured nodules wrapped around a powerful multi-speed removable vibrating bullet. Place the pussy pleaser vibrator on your clitoral or nipple area for amazing...
  • Clit Kisser Vibrator Clit Kisser Vibrator Details

    Clit Kisser Vibrator

    The Clit Kisser flickering bullet packs intense multi-speed vibrations into a teasing tongue-shaped sleeve. The oral-like stimulator has an easy-touch speed dial and egg-shaped bullet vibe to deliver lip licking pleasure. The Clit Kisser is ...
  • Compact WaterPro Travel Massager Compact WaterPro Massager Package

    Compact WaterPro Massager

    This personal travel massager can be taken anywhere including the water! Can be used at home while traveling or at the office. Hand gripped portable design to massage all of your stiff joints and muscles. . . and we all know what else it's good for! The...
  • Diamond Diva Jeweled Vibrator - Black Diamond Diva Jeweled Vibrator  Package

    Diamond Diva Jeweled Vibrator - Black

      Every gal needs a little black vibrator. Designed a cut above the rest, the Diamond Diva provides pleasure that lasts forever. Brilliantly shaped and set in satin smooth, Diva is powerful and ergonomically sculpted to accommodate every contour...
  • Satisfyer Double Joy Couples Vibrator Double Joy Couples Vibrator with Bluetooth

    Double Joy Couples Vibrator

    The Double Joy powerfully stimulates both partners during sex. The U-shape is fitted both inside and outside - ensuring a seductive feeling for the clitoris, G-spot, and penis. App-enabled, this high-tech toy is enhanced with remote play and more.The...
  • Embrace Dual Ended Massager Embrace Dual Ended Rechargeable Massager

    Embrace Rechargeable Massager

    Depending on your chosen purpose, this creative dual ended wand can be used in a couple of ways. As a traditional body massager, the positionable head moves freely on a neck that bends and twists to suit any number of positions and stimulation...
  • Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol with Clitoral Suction Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol

    Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol

    Feel empowered with pleasure in 36 different ways revolutionizing how you enjoy your time with the Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol. This Idol offers truly an innovative pleasure experience. With a constant suction feature, you can find the exact suction...
  • Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen Silicone Rechargeable Stimulator Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen

    Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen

    The Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen provides 36 combinations of suction, vibration and flickering action. This Queen is smart, allowing you to program your favorite setting. Set the suction pressure you love, and then explore the suction, vibration and...
  • Essential Power Bullet - Rechargeable Essential Power Bullet

    Essential Power Bullet - Rechargeable

    The Essential Bullet by Powerbullet. An Essential item for your collection, this rechargeable bullet has a Powerbullet motor with powerful vibrations. Each package includes a convenient matte storage case and USB recharging cord. With 9 different...
  • Fantasy for Her Butterfly Flutt-Her Clitoral Pump Fantasy for Her Butterfly Flutt-Her

    Fantasy for Her Butterfly Flutt-Her

    Doubling up on pleasure, Fantasy For Her Butterfly Flutt-Her combines vibration with teasing suction directed straight to the clitoris. Loaded with  tickly fingers, Flutt-Her's cupped shape circles the majority of the vulva and clitoral area. The...
  • Fantasy for Her Massage-Her Vibrator Fantasy for Her Massage Flexible Head

    Fantasy for Her Massage-Her Wand Vibrator

      Scaled down in size but not power, the Massagaer-Her is a petite powerhouse of a vibrator. Packing vibration modes into a sleek silicone mini wand shaped for precision handling, Fantasy For Her collection presents a lovely lilac mini version of...
  • Fantasy for Her Sensual Pump-Her Fantasy for Her Sensual Pump-Her Vibrator

    Fantasy for Her Sensual Pump-Her

      Pump-Her is  double-duty stimulator combing strong suction with powerful vibration directed straight to the clitoris and sensitive surrounding area.Filled with tickly fingers, Pump-Her's cupped oval shape circles the majority of the vulva...
  • Fantasy for Her Tease n Please-Her Clitoral Pump and Vibrator

Fantasy for Her Tease n Please-Her Clitoral Pump and Vibrator

    Fantasy For Her Tease n' Please-Her

    The clitoral suction trend is upon us without doubt.  It's been swelling up for a while, and female sex toy makers have zeroed in on the unique pleasurable sensations possible with suction and how effective it is in producing strong orgasms - fast...
  • Fantasy for Ultimate Pleasure - Oral Sex Stimulator Fantasy for Ultimate Pleasure - Vibrating Handle

    Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure

    The award-winning  Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure has every feature and function a woman could want or need. Function packed and ultra sleek, this pleasure producing device has it all going on perfect balance.Fantasy for Her Ultimate pleasure is...
  • Fantasy for Her Vibrating Roto Suck-Her Fantasy for Her Vibrating Roto Suck-Her

    Fantasy for Her Vibrating Roto Suck-Her

    Doing double duty,  Fantasy For Her Roto Suck-Her combines vibration with suction directed straight to the clitoris. The Suck-Her's head swivels into perfect placement no matter what position you (or you and a playmate) might have gotten into...
  • FemmeFun Ultra Wand  - Purple FemmeFun Ultra Wand - Pink

    FemmeFun Ultra Wand

    MSRP: $89.95
    Bend it, flex it . Enjoy the FemmeFun Utlra Wand any way you want it. This ergonomically designed body wand delivers earth-shattering pleasure, without shattering your hand. Constructed to keep the power in its super flexible head, the Ultra Wand will...
  • FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet Vibrators FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet Purple

    FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet

    MSRP: $59.95
    The FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet is a super small, super discreet vibrator that packs a mean punch. The most powerful bullet on the market, offers 20 vibration modes, with a memory function that allows you to start off where you last left off. 100%...
  • Filare by Lora DiCarlo Filare by Lora DiCarlo

    Filare by Lora DiCarlo

    Filare knows its way around. Its dual stimulation points mimic the feel of a skillful tongue circling and stroking your clitoris. And its customizable controls let you determine just the right amount of touch and build the intensity from slow and...
  • Screaming O Fing O Screaming O Fingo Finger Vibe in Clear

    FingO Finger Vibrator

      The FingO series features three uniquely ergonomically styled finger vibes that sit comfortably on the underside of the finger making toes curl and bodies tingle with just one touch. Use before after or even during sex and with replaceable...
  • Frisky Fingers Silicone Finger Vibrator in Pink

    Frisky Fingers

    Your finger knows you best! The Frisky Fingers is made of stretchy Silicone. The finger enhancer fits around any of your fingers like a ring. A removable 2" x .625" bullet slides into the nubbed sleeve. The bullet has an easy on/off button for the...

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