Position Helpers

We understand that visualizing the perfect sexual position is effortless in theory. However, translating those fantasies into reality can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer looking to experiment with new positions or a couple seeking a way to add some spice to your sex life, our position helpers are here to lend you a helping hand.

From innovative swings and slings to inflatable pillows and harnesses, our range of products caters to individuals of all preferences, interests, and skill levels. Discover the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Swing, designed to suspend you in mid-air and provide unparalleled support for weightless pleasure. Or, explore the Inflatable Position Master, an inflatable cushion that allows you to effortlessly achieve angles and depths that were previously difficult to attain.

For those seeking a bit of restraint and control, our collection includes items such as the SportSheets Sex Sling and the SportSheets Door Jam Cuff Restraints. These carefully crafted accessories enable you to explore the world of bondage and add an element of power play to your encounters.

If you are searching for the perfect angle, the G-Spot Link Strap and the I Like it Doggie Style Strap offer innovative solutions. Designed to enhance pleasure and maximize the satisfaction of both partners, these straps provide optimum support and stability, allowing you to explore new and exciting positions fully.


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