Bullet/Egg Vibrators

Bigger is not always better, but if you're familiar with bullet vibrators,you already new that. The compact size of bullet vibrators should not be mistaken for weakness. What it lacks in that size, it undoubtedly makes up for in versatility, power, and, when it counts, discretion. Bullets vibrators are small, discreet egg-shaped vibrators that have versatile uses but are mostly used for clitoral stimulation. Place a bullet vibrator on your favorite erogenous zone and enjoy the simple pleasure. Bullets and egg vibrators travel discreetly since they're small enough to carry in your purse or pocket. Typically they are made of hard plastic so they are very easy to clean. Many of the newer models have velvety finishes that are worth checking out.

For those who have yet to add one of these small wonders to your own masturbation repertoire, the time to hesitate is over. These fun-sized sex toys more than deserve a place in your nightstand or purse.

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