Blindfolds and Masks

Stop in the name of love! What’s the easiest thing you can do to make your sex-life sizzle? Wear a blindfold! For extra fun, put on on a maskfor role-play or try a gag to hush your lover’s moans.

Blindfolds and Masks
  • Adam & Eve's Fetish Dreams Blindfold - Faux Black Leather Adam & Eve's Fetish Dreams Blindfold

    Adam & Eve's Fetish Dreams Blindfold

    Get ready to heighten all your other senses when you put on your Fetish Dreams Blindfold.Imagine the erotic potential that is waiting for you in the dark. This cushy, diamond-patterned eye cover stays in place comfortably with soft elastic straps...
  • Beginner Leather Cuff Set Beginner Leather Cuff Set

    Beginner Leather Cuff Set

    Add a little bondage to the bedroom. The Beginner's Cuff Set can take you from bondage beginner to expert. These leather cuffs are soft, but sturdy, completely adjustable to fit almost any size, and can be used on the wrists or ankles. The user friendly...
  • Silk Rope and Blindfold Set

    Beginner's Silk Rope Bondage Set

    A favorite Japanese love aid for centuries, these riveting rope restraints will bring you and your lover closer together that ever before! The Beginner's Silk Rope Bondage Set includes a set of adjustable silk wrist restraints, a set of adjustable silk...
  • Beginners Bondage Kit

    Beginners Bondage Kit

    With four wrist and ankle restraints attached to nylon straps this beginners bondage kit is sure to produce a happy ending. Now includes a soft blindfold and its pure bondage heaven for any novice.
  • Black Fleece Lined Blindfold Black Fleece Lined Blindfold Box

    Black Fleece Lined Blindfold

    Deprive your lover of one of their most essential senses when you slip this luxuriously comfortable blindfold over their eyes. The soft fleece interior will feel lush and sensual on their face. Without their sight, every touch of your finger, slap of...
  • Fetish Fantasy Satin Tie Blindfold

    Fetish Fantasy Satin Blindfold

    Create sexual excitement with this beautiful Fetish Fantasy Satin Love Blindfold. Try it on your partner or use it as a nightshade for yourself. It softly covers their eyes, keeping your partner in a state of darkness and anticipation that heightens...
  • Frisky Deluxe Black-Out Blindfold

    Frisky Deluxe Black-Out Blindfold

    Get Frisky in the dark with this deluxe padded blindfold. Once you slide it over peering eyes, you will not believe how soft and comfortable it is. Made of durable Neoprene material, the ergonomic design is contoured to accommodate the natural curvature...
  • Furry Cuffs &  Pink Satin Blindfold

    Furry Cuffs & Pink Satin Blindfold

    Indulge yourself and your playmate in some gentle, exciting bondage play with this great kit that's perfect for bondage beginners. Soft pink faux fur covers the heavy duty, adjustable steel cuffs, they come with 2 keys as well as safety release latches...
  • Kama Sutra Surprise Me Erotic Kit

    Kama Sutra Surprise Me Erotic Kit

      Sensual seduction... collectible erotic playset featuring a satin blindfold tie with leather tassel. Includes 3 sensual body products and a set of 12 Kama Sutra Play Cards: 10 Kama Sutra position cards and 2 "Wild Cards" with tips and tricks...
  • Neva Nude Face Masks Meow-Za Pink Glitter Kitty Face Mask

    Neva Nude Face Masks

    Whether you're partying in the playa or being a conscientious civilian keeping those cooties at bay, Neva Nude has you covered night and day! These DM's get an A+ for fashionable face coverage that is both comfy and cool. The masks are made with a...
  • Noir Silky Blindfold Noir Silky Blindfold used as restraint

    Noir Silky Blindfold

    The Noir Blindfold lets you easily cover your lover's eyes. They'll see less, and feel more! The Noir Blindfold's soft fabric is perfect for any experience level. Features: High Quality Soft Blindfold Restrict One Sense and Heighten...
  • Sweet Kisses Temptation Set Box Sweet Kisses Temptation Set Box

    Secret Kisses Temptation Set

    You’ll be the queen of temptation in this beautiful set that includes a luxurious lace and satin blindfold and dazzling nipple pasties to adorn your body while you indulge in intimate bondage play or seduce your partner during foreplay. Light some...
  • Sex & Mischief Our First Bondage Kit Sex & Mischief Our First Bondage Kit

    Sex & Mischief Our First Bondage Kit

    If you and your partner are toying with the idea of bondage but are intimidated, this beginners bondage kit is a perfect first step. This all-in-one kit will allow you and your partner to explore light bondage in a fun and playful way. These cuffs and...
  • Sincerely Black Lace Blindfold Sincerely Black Lace Blindfold

    Sincerely Black Lace Blindfold

    Remove the sense of sight, and all the other senses are heightened. This sexy black blindfold has soft, inviting fabric of fine lace while the double straps provide security and comfort.  Stay sexy. Material: 56% polyester, 30% polyethylene, 8%...
  • Soft EyeMask

    Soft Satin Eye Mask

      You can use this eye mask as a nightshade for yourself or try it on your lover to create an exciting, mysterious experience. Bring your lover in a enjoyable state of darkness that raises his or hers sexual lust. This soft eye mask stays in place...
  • XOXO/ZZZ Satin Blindfold XOXO/ZZZ Satin Blindfold Box

    XOXO/ZZZ Satin Blindfold

    Say it with silk. One side says "XOXOXO", and other side says "ZZZZZZ" and doesn't that say it all? Tell him whether you want to be left breathless or left alone, in no uncertain terms. Fun, comfortable and affordable. Reversible Satin Sexy

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