Sex Posistion of the Day - Hot Tub Hug

Posted by Cosmo Hints on 28th Mar 2018

Erotic Instructions: Start with your guy sitting on the bench with his legs slightly bent and and spread apart, leaning back with his arms stretched out resting on the edge of the tub. Straddle him, facing forward, and lower yourself onto his penis, holding on to his shoulders for support. Keep your knees bent and feet flat as you move back and forth or up and down Carnal Challenge Why You'll Love It: The space between your torsos allows both of you to watch the action. There's also room for pelvic play, so you can maximize clitoral stimulation by rubbing your bliss button against his pubic bone as you gyrate.…

Buying Sex Toys for Him

28th Mar 2018

Buying Sex Toys for Him
Okay ladies here's one that we are all guilty of. How many times have you called your husband or boyfriend up to the bedroom to show him your newest toy? Explaining to him how it could be used to bring you the most pleasure and then maybe, just maybe sharing it with him so he could experience some good vibrations too? Well it's great that you like to share your toys, but how about finding him some of his own? Follow along for our list of toys specifically designed for men, and tips on how to warm him up to these hot new playthings. The Primo Tux Vibrating Cock Ring A vibrating cock ring is a good place to start when introducing your mate to the joys of toys. In fact, many guys admit that this was their first sex toy purchase made for themselves. The purpose of a cock-ring is to trap blood inside the penis, leading to a harder erection and delayed and intensified orgasm. While many cock rings are made from metals like stainless steel, I believe a soft, stretchy silicone o…