CyberSkin Dildos

With the creation of CyberSkin, it is possible to make dildos that feel real... REALLY! Ideally, if you close your eyes and touch the Cyberskin material, you should not be able to tell the difference between CyberSkin and human skin.  CyberSkin dildos have two unique properties. First, CyberSkin dildos have memory and can recover to its original shape. Second, this revolutionary Cyberskin material can simulate the softness of realistic skin and the rigidity of erectile tissue. Keep in mind, because of the "fleshy" nature of Cyberskin; it requires more care and cleaning . . . You know, like a real penis.  A sprinkle of corn starch or Cyberskin Renew works wonders to maintain the texture.  While Cyberskin is fantastic, there are some other products that that are similar to it and certainly worth trying.  These Cyberskin-like dildos described as UltraSkyn, Virtual Touch, Real Feel, Dual Density and Pureskin.  And just like Cyberskin, their fleshy "skin" requires some TLC, but it is worth it.

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