Clitoral Pumps

Like with penis pumps,clitoral pumps increase blood flow to a woman’s erogenous zone, enhancing arousal and overall sexual enjoyment. A clit pump provides different sensations to the vagina compared to other sex toys, allowing for more sensitivity during sex and more intense orgasms. Clit pumps create a vacuum like suction to enlarge the clitoris, drawing more blood in to engorge clitoral tissue and enliven sensitive nerve endings. Some clitoral pumps can even be used on nipples.

As women age, the genital tissues receive less blood flow. Less blood flow in the clitoris means less sensation, and that can inhibit sexual interest and satisfaction. Finding ways to increase blood flow, through regular sex, self-stimulation, and using devices like a clitoral pumps  all good ways to maintain your genitals and your sex life.

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