Oral Sex Helpers

Oral sex is not easy for everyone to perform, but there is no reason not to keep trying. Whether you are female or male, we have all had that one partner who needed help, and politely teaching your lover how to perform better is easier said then done.  We have an array tools that might help in the oral sex department.  Watch a oral sex DVD or read book that gives blow by blow instructions for the perfect blow job. How about a tongue vibrator?  Help is only an oral sex mint away!

Oral Sex Helpers
  • Behind Closed Doors - 4 Oral Sex Dice

    4 Oral Sex Dice Game

    4 Oral Sex Dice is an exciting way to spice up your sex life! These dice help experience fun oral foreplay in positions and locations that will heighten your oral fun! Roll'em and get lucky and stay sexy!To Play: Decide who rolls first. Then roll only 3...
  • Wicked Aqua Flavored Lubricants

    Aqua Flavored Water-Based Lubricants

    $10.95 - $14.95
      Take a big juicy bite! Kissable, lickable and delicious, Wicked Agua Flavored Lubricants add subtle natural flavors to enhance oral pleasures. Light and silky, this water-based formula is the perfect sensual combination of an elegant lubricant...
  • Blow Me Oral Sex Gel Blow Me Oral Sex Gel Details

    Blow Me Flavored Oral Sex Gel

      Make oral sex even more fun with Blow Me Oral Sex Gel. Smooth and lubricious,this flavored gel makes oral favors a tasty treat for both partners. Enjoy this oral treat  as you take  them to new heights of pleasures. Be sweet and stay...
  • Blow N' Vibe Oral Vibrator Blow N' Vibe Oral Vibrator

    Blow N' Vibe Oral Vibrator

    Make your favorite activity even more exciting. This tiny vibe is a unique and exciting way to add extra stimulation to your oral play. Ideal for men and women, it can be slipped into the corner of the mouth to thrill your partner as you lick and suck...
  • Dick Licks Edible Gummy Cock Rings

    Dick Lips Edible Gummy Cock Rings

    Pucker up and get ready to suck with the great tasting "Dick Lips" edible gummy cock rings. Made from great tasting fruity flavored gummy candy... these great tasting stretchy Gummy Lips easily slide on to your member and create a delectable edible...
  • Dickalicious Penis Arousal Gel

    Dickalicious Arousal Gel

    Dickalicious Penis Arousal Gel is sure to ignite a fire in your lover's libido. Watch your lover literally grow wild with sexual excitement as you spread on and lick off this flavored penis arousal gel. This edible body topping, designed specifically for...
  • Good Head Blow Job Helper Good Head Helping Head Stroker

    Good Head - Helping Head Stroker

    Need a helping hand? Doc Johnson's GoodHead Helping Head is a 2 inch  mini stroker specifically designed for handheld use to heighten the sensations and pleasure during fellatio. Soft on the outside, and with stimulating massage beads on the...
  • Good Head for Her Kit Good Head for Her Kit

    Good Head for Her Kit

      Flavored Good Head lip balm will have your lips in prime oral giving condition. Delicious Strawberry flavored oral gel will have you down there for seconds and thirds. Put one of the oral sex tingling mints in your mouth to increase her...
  • Good Head for Him Kit Good Head Kit for Him

    Good Head for Him Kit

    Flavored Good Head lip balm will keep your lips soft and ready for that special below the belt kiss. Delicious cool mint Goodhead gel tastes so good you won't ever want to come up for air. Pop one of the oral sex tingling mints in your mouth and unleash...
  • Good Head Tingle Drops

    Good Head Tingle Drops 3 Pack

      A handy three pack of oral sex enhancers from Good Head, Tingle Drops not only add sweetness (and in turn, enthusiasm) to going down, the formula also contains a hint of menthol for tingly, exciting sensations. Simply apply a few drops of either...
  • Good Head to Go Deep Throat Spray - Mint Doc Johnson Good Head to Go Deep Throat Spray - Mint

    Good Head to Go Deep Throat Spray - Mint

    Take the effort out of a blow job. GoodHead Deep Throat Spray To-Go offers a delicious mild numbing agent with a simple spray. No gag reflex, no discomfort, just a mind-blowing deep throat experience. Free of parabens and sugar. This delectable...
  • Good Head Warming Head Oral Delight Set Goodhead Warming Lubricant 3 Pk

    Good Head Warming Oral Delight 3 Pack

    GoodHead makes oral better for both the giver and receiver. This pack includes Strawberry, Cotton Candy, and Watermelon flavors of edible warming gel.  Container size: 2 oz bottles Features: Enhances Flavor and Warms During Oral Sex Delicious...
  • GoodHead Deep Throat Spray Mystical Mint 2 ounces

    GoodHead Deep Throat Spray Mystical Mint

    Everyone loves good head, but many people find it difficult to accommodate their partner’s full manhood. Doc Johnson presents GoodHead Deep Throat Spray, a delicious throat desensitizer that will help to alleviate your gag reflex during oral sex,...
  • Good Head Gel Oral Sex Gel

    Goodhead Oral Delight Flavored Gel

    Available in a mouthful of tasty flavors, Good Head Gel will make your lover taste sweeter than ever before. Because of their tingly numbing qualities these gels also suppress the gag reflex for deeper passion. To use Good Head Gel, simply drip some...
  • Doc Johnson GoodHead Party Pack - 5 Piece Kit GoodHead Party Pack - 5 Piece Kit Box

    GoodHead Party Pack - 5 Piece Kit

    GoodHead makes oral better for both the giver and receiver. This Party Pack includes a Helping Head Ultimate BJ Helper, which is a small ULTRASKYN stroker designed for handheld use during fellatio and a one-size-fits-all disposable vibrating love ring to...
  • GoodHead Wet Head Dry Mouth Spray Pink Lemonade GoodHead Wet Head Dry Mouth Spray Watermelon

    GoodHead Wet Head Dry Flavored Mouth Spray

    Say goodbye to dry mouth during oral sex with GoodHead Wet Head Dry Mouth Spray. Available in many lip-licking flavors, this dry mouth spray comes in a convenient two-ounce bottle and provides instant moisture and fresh breath. A couple of spritzes is...
  • Gum Job Oral Sex Candy Teeth Covers

    Gum Job Oral Sex Candy 6 Pk

      You will get an A+ on this oral exam! Give your partner the ultimate blow job  with Gum Job Oral Sex Gummy Candy Teeth Covers. These yummy tasting candy teeth covers easily fit over any size teeth and taste orally delicious. Lip lickin'...
  • Handipop Hand Job Massage Gel - Strawberry

    Handipop Hand Job Massage Gel - Strawberry

    Let your hands work their magic to give him a hand massage he will never forget. HandiPop was created to give him an ultra slippery extra long handjob and at the end of the massage you can turn him into your favorite lollipop because this playful potion...
  • Lingo Tongue Vibrator Screaming O LingO Tongue Vibrator

    LingO Tongue Vibrator

    For the discerning cunning-linguist, the tickling, titillating LingO is the perfect companion to oral sex for him or her. This one time use vibe fits over the tongue comfortably with a stretchy ring featuring a flat base to keep the tongue from...
  • Lip Tease Kissable Female Stimulant Lip Tease Kissable Stimulant Details

    Lip Tease Kissable Stimulant

      Make those other lips delicious. Even the softest of kisses will electrify your senses with Lip Tease. Intense and exhilarating, this flavored arousal serum increases sensitivity and enhances orgasm intensity. Stay kissable and sexy. How to use:...
  • Lipslick Cinnamon Arousal Gel Lipslick Cinnamon Arousal Gel

    Lipslick Cinnamon Oral Arousal Gel

    Talk about multi-functional - LipSlick Cinnamon Oral Arousal Gel not only makes oral sex more fun and pleasurable for both partners, it also enhances and creates fuller looking lips! Just dab a little on your lips and let the aphrodisiac powers of the...
  • Sensuva ON Chocolate Flavored Female Arousal Oil ON Chocolate Flavored Female Arousal Oil Details

    ON Chocolate Flavored Female Arousal Oil

    Finally, an arousal product that's as delicious as it is powerful!  ON CHOCOLATE is an all-natural chocolate-flavored arousal product made with a unique blend of pure essential oils and extracts. ON creates an exciting sensation that pulsates and...
  • Oral Delight Couples Kit Oral Delight Couples Kit Box

    Oral Delight Couples Kit

    Do you have issue with oral sex? This nifty oral sex kit, will get past the hump and make you a believer. Kick off the fun with the Lick-Me-Licker Strawberry Gel for an erotic dreamland of sweet sensations discovered by using only your tongue! Amplify...
  • Oralove Warmning and Tingling Lubricants

    Oral Love Dynamic Duo Lickable Lube

    Use separately or combine this duo and some tingling fun to your oral sex fun.  Use your breath and your touch to heat things up with this  warming lubricant then make her body quiver all over with the intensely tingling lubricant. Two...
  • Oral Enhancing Hands Free Labia Spreader Frisky Fingers Free Labia Spreader

    Oral Sex Enhancing Hands Free Labia Spreader

    Spread those lips apart and make way for the tongue. So simple, who would have thunk it? This labia spreader creates optimal conditions for oral sex, but it is  designed to massage the G-Spot as well. With a simple bend and insertion, you are off...
  • The Oral Sex Game

    Oral Sex Game

    The game for couples who love oral sex. Indulge in oral foreplay as you move around the board and climax with a variety of oral sex techniques.
  • Oralicious the Ultimate Oral Sex Cream

    Oralicious the Ulimate Oral Sex Cream

      Oralicious Oral Sex Cream brings a whole new level of excitement when it comes to intimate play. This amazing cream not only numbs and tickles the throat, but also has a smooth, cooling, rich taste and aroma. Both partners will have an euphoric...
  • Passion Licks 3 Piece Flavored Water Based Lubricant Set (2oz each) Passion Licks 3 Piece Flavored Water Based Lubricant Set

    Passion Licks 3 Piece Flavored Lube Set

    This trio of 2 ounce lubricants allows you to conduct a taste test as you figure out which flavor you like best. Enjoy all three flavors of Passion Licks with one mouth-watering set that is completely body-friendly. There are absolutely no sugar or...
  • Problo Oral Pleasure Gel - Cherry

    Pro Blo Oral Pleasure Gel - Cherry

      Can we be real for a second? It's called a blow job for a reason. It requires effort. Pro Blo will help you to love your work. Licker' up and enjoy! Arousing blow-job gel - Cherry. 1 fluid ounce. From Little Genie.

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