Everyone in the bondage community spanks; a good spanking is sometimes necessary for those bad girls and boys. There is such an aura of eroticism with spanking your lover’s tush, whether its with the palm of your hand, a whip, flogger, or a paddle. Looking to buy spanking tools such as a leather spanking paddles, sex whips, or spanking floggers, we carry all the toys needed to give your lover a good pleasurable spank. Ouch!

  • Adam & Eve's Fetish Dreams Spanking Paddle Adam & Eve's Fetish Dreams Spanking Paddle Box

    Adam & Eve's Fetish Dreams Spanking Paddle

    Act on your kinky kicks with this sexy spanking paddle. Its diamond-patterned vegan leather surfacet touches your skin with a saucy sting for erotic sensations you’ll never forget. The paddle’s weight feels great in your hand, and the vegan...
  • Fetish Fantasy Black Feather Tickler

    Black Feather Tickler

    Seduce your lover with the luxurious feel of velvety soft feathers. Make long lingering strokes on you lover's skin. Following the contours of their body, find their special 'spot' or 'tickle zone'. 'Flutter' and 'twirl' in place to get a rise out of...
  • SportSheets Black Fur Lined Paddle

    Black Fur Lined Paddle

    Oh, the pain and the pleasure all in one paddle.  One side is high quality leather other side super soft faux fur.  Use the soft side as "body buffer" then turn the paddle over for quite a different impact. For firm but gentle personal...
  • SportSheet Midnight Bling Flogger

    Bling Flogger

    Add some sparkle to your spanking with this cubic zirconia encrusted bling flogger. In addition its dazzling looks, it has 40 agile, vegan falls that can produce a tickling sensation, or a stinging snap. Details: • Handle Length: 4 inches •...
  • Fun Factory Bend Over Paddle - Red Bend Over Size

    Bück Dich Spanking Paddle & Dildo

    Impact enthusiasts rejoice! The BÜCK DICH (“Bend Over” in German) is half powerful paddle, half extra-stimulating dildo, and 100% kinky. The practice of using a paddle’s handle as a dildo is not a new one: this is just easier,...
  • Chrystalino Whipster - Blue Chrystalino Whipster - White

    Chrystalino Whipster Glass Dildo/Whip

    This premium glass dildo has a double function. The two bulbous curves and round ending let you touch all the right places, while the faux leather whip offers even more kinky possibilities.  Glass toys are also extremely temperature sensitive,...
  • Designer Paddle

    Designer Paddle

    Explore your dominant or submissive side with the Designer Paddle II. One crack of the Paddle and your lover will know who is in charge.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Flogger Fifty Shades of Grey Flogger

    Fifty Shades Grey of Flogger

    A vision in black and metallic silver, this faux leather flogger whip stands out against traditional bondage gear as an exquisite tool of sadism. Delivering teasing strokes and sharp licks, this whip intensifies passions and indulges submissive...
  • Frisky Feather Duster Black

    Frisky Feather Duster

    Clean and polish all the right spots with this Frisky Feather Duster. Let the soft, seductive feathers tease, tickle and titillate you with each sexy stroke. Your partner will never complain about cleaning up again!
  • Icicles No. 38 Hand Blown Glass Whip Icicles No. 38 Hand Blown Glass Whip

    Icicles No 38 Hand Blown Glass Whip

    Hand-crafted with attention to detail, this luxurious glass flogger can perform double duty. The glass Cat-O-Nine Tails features genuine leather tresses that are soft enough for novice play but heavy enough to deliver a solid whack. The heavy-duty...
  • Kama Sutra Arouse Me Kit

    Kama Sutra Arouse Me Kit

    Play naughty or play nice... A collectible erotic playset featuring a flirty feather tickler wand with whip. Includes 4 sensual body products and a set of 12 Kama Sutra Play Cards: 10 Kama Sutra position cards and 2 "Wild Cards" with tips and tricks...
  • Kama Sutra Feel Me Erotic Play Kit

    Kama Sutra Feel Me Erotic Play Kit

      With tickle and a slap .. A collectible erotic playset featuring a Kama Sutra branded spanking crop with leather tassel. Includes 3 sensual body products and a set of 12 Kama Sutra Play Cards: 10 Kama Sutra position cards and 2 "Wild Cards" with...
  • Leather Flapper Paddle

    Leather Flapper Paddle

    Leave your love mark on the object of your desire with the fun Leather Love Flapper Paddle.  This petite little paddle has a cute heart cut-out in the center, the mark of which may just show up after a good playful smack. With a manageable shape...
  • SportSheets Leather Heart Papple

    Leather Hearts Impression Paddle

    A little pain, a lot of pleasure and love!  This high quality, hand-stitched tanned leather slapper leaves a great impression. Called a slapper because of the great sound it makes on your partners backside.  This will certainly help you leave...
  • Love Paddle

    Love Paddle

    When you wanna show your partner love, our high quality Love Paddle will leave your heart with them! One side is leather for the slap and the other side is soft and furry for the tickle.  Made of leather and faux fur. Dimensions:  Total...
  • Noir Flinch Crop Noir Flinch Crop

    Noir Flinch Crop

    The Noir Whip is a sensual BDSM accessory. With a long length and textured grip, the Noir Whip is easy to hold and maneuver. From soft to stingy, its tips can deliver a variety of sensations. The looped end makes for simple storage! The Noir Whip's...
  • Noir Feather Tickler Noir Black Feather Tickler

    Noir Soft Feather Tickler

    The Noir Feather is perfect for teasing sensation play. Featuring a textured grip, the Noir Feather is easy to hold. Caress your lover's skin with this high-quality BDSM accessory. Features: Plush Feather for Tickling, Caressing, and...
  • Sex & Mischief  Shadow Heart Paddle

    Sex & Mischief Shadow Heart Paddle

    Heighten impact play and leave a mark of your heart with the Shadow Heart Paddle. You won’t have to worry about losing your grip with the sturdy handle and wrist strap making this paddle is easy to wear and ready to use when your partner needs to...
  • S&M Black Rubber Whip

    Sex & Mischief Rubber Black Whip

    Made of high-quality, latex rubber strands, these whips are a must have for playful, consensual, fantasy role-playing. With a flick of your wrist, you can tease your partner and turn up the heat of your sensual experience. Durable flexible lovable.....
  • Sex and Mischief Enchanted Heart Paddle

    Sex and Mischief Enchanted Heart Paddle

    Soft but oh so sassy, too.  The Enchanted Heart paddles is the convenient 2-sided paddle for whatever mood you may be in. One side is covered in vegan burgundy fur and the other side is a flat and velvety faux leather.  Dimensions: 10.25...
  • Sex and Mischief Heart Paddle

    Sex and Mischief Heart Paddle

      With a flick of the wrist, create spanks that deliver audible impact without too much force. Great for beginners who love the spanking sound but are not ready to give or receive a full-fledged spanking. Paddle has a split head and leaves heart...
  • Sincerely Black Lace Crop Sincerely Black Lace Crop

    Sincerely Black Lace Crop

    Indulge your fetish pleasure. Covered in a luxurious lacy fabric, the head of this stylish, sleek crop is set off with a lavish black corseted ribbon and satin bow. The stem is made of a thin yet sturdy rod. The handle is covered at the base with the...
  • Sincerely Body Tickler Sincerely Body Tickler Packaging

    Sincerely Body Tickler

    Find your partner's special spot. Caress your lover`s skin with a with this body tickler and discover their most secret sensitive spots. Pair this tickler with a blindfold and restraints to heighten the experience.  Enjoy and stay sexy.
  • Sincerely Jeweled Chain Tickler Sincerely Jeweled Chain Tickler

    Sincerely Jeweled Chain Tickler

    Capable of tickling teasing and seductive stinging, the Sincerely Jeweled Chain Ticker is the ultimate luxurious fetish play tool. Several strands of sturdy metal beads swing from a crystal embellished handle designed to facilitate precision placement...
  • Sinful Paddle in Black

    Sinful Paddle - Black

    A great looking and ultra functional bondage playtime staple fashioned from supple black leather and pretty diamond-patterned vinyl, the Sinful Paddle is a versatile tool.Great for beginners, the Sinful is lightweight, easy to  maneuver, and on the...

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