Rabbit Style Vibrators

First seen on Sex in the City, the rabbit vibrators remain one of the most popular vibrators for women. A woman designed the first rabbit for women. Jackrabbit vibrators simultaneously massage the vaginal and clitoral. This dual stimulation and its powerful results are known as a blended orgasm. Once experienced, it is life changing. Traditional jackrabbit vibrators have penis-shaped shaft's, and the outer layer is made with either a soft jelly or silicone material. Attached on the top of the shaft is a small rabbit (or some other critter) that targets the clitoris. Typically, the shaft has rotating beads, but not always. Newer designs for rabbit vibrators are less literal. The non-phallic dual stimulators are sleeker but still provides the desired effect of a blended orgasm. Throw the third element of stimulation, try a thrusting vibrator. Up and down. And all around.  See Thrusting Vibrators