Erotic Body Painting

Express yourself! Body paint is the ultimate in a couple's play! How to body paint? Write words of affection on your partner's body with fruity flavored body paints or yummy chocolate toppings. Use your fingers or a brush to perform body painting fun. Then enjoy licking them off each other. Or maybe jump into a warm shower or bath together and wash the body paint away with a vibrating sponge! Become the Van Gogh of erotic body painting!

Erotic Body Painting
  • Bodylicious Edible Body Paint Pens Bodylicious Edible Body Paints

    Bodylicious Edible Body Paint Pens

      Let the body be your personal erotic coloring book Bodylicious Erotic Edible Body Pens Pack has assorted crayon shaped body paint/pens. 4 yummy yummy favors: Strawberry Shortcake Red, Blueberry Blast Blue, Banana Split Yellow and Cotton...
  • Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping

    Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping Sampler

    Make your fantasy come true! The Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping Sampler Pack features four different flavors - Chocolate Almond, Cafe Mocha, Chocolate Raspberry, and Chocolate Strawberry - for your edible entertainment.    Each container is...
  • Chocolate Lovers Edible Body Paint Chocolate Lovers Edible Body Paint

    Chocolate Lovers Edible Body Paint

      Dream up your most erotic tasty fantasies in rich delicious chocolate, with this tasty tantalizing array of erotic chocolate body spreads. Dip your tongue or finger in and spread these on your lovers favorite body parts and let the erotic licking...
  • Chocolate Seductions Couples Game

    Chocolate Seductions Couples Game

    Seduce your lover with 36 creative uses of body chocolate. Indulge in delectable ecstasy with rich milk chocolate specially formulated to be used as body chocolate. Select an adventure card and enjoy creative and stimulating uses as you paint and then...
  • Chocolate Tease Foreplay Game For Lovers

    Chocolate Tease Foreplay Game For Lovers

    Paint your own erotic masterpiece... and then lick it up. To play the Chocolate Tease Game, take turns with your partner picking a card and reading it out loud then performing the challenge. When someone successfully completes a challenge, they keep...
  • Edible Body Paint

    Edible Body Play Paints

    Take Intimate play time to new erotic and artistic heights with Edible Body Paints. Write your most inner desired on your partners body and explore intimate fun in a sexy new way. 4 assorted delicious flavor: Passion Fruit Cherry Pina Colada Strawberry
  • Chocolate Play Pens Chocolate Play Pens - Package

    Edible Chocolate Body Paint Pens 2pkg

    Write your most intimate Secret Desires on your favorite place on your partners body and let the fun begin. Write it on, and lick it off. T he easy squeeze pens are no mess just squeeze and apply where you want them. The pens have two delicious flavors...
  • Make Me Melt Drip Candles Make Me Melt Drip Candles

    Make Me Melt Drip Candles

    Perfect for titillating BDSM fun, these wax-play candles have just a tingle of heat when dripped, and then quickly warm to the touch. In beautifully erotic colors, for a classically sensual, visual experience. Please note: Candle should be a minimum of...
  • Neon Body Paints

    Neon Play Paints

    Now you can write out your inner most desires on your lovers body with these fun Neon Play Paints. These bright assorted colored paints are easy to use and fun to play with. Let your lover really know what's on your mind during play time. The paints...
  • Play Pens Edible Body Paint Play Pens Edible Body Paint in Four Flavors

    Play Pens Edible Body Paint

      Add color to your bedroom! The Play Pens Edible Body Paints come in four fun colors/flavors. The easy squeeze pens have brush tip applicators so you can apply the paints just where you want them. The Pens have four delicious flavors, Green Apple,...
  • Shunga Edible Body Paint

    Shunga Edible Body Paint

    Decorate your love object with sweet, creamy chocolate art and then lick it off, with Chocolate Body Paint from Shunga. This gorgeous glass bottle looks inconspicuous and classy, and comes with a little foam brush to create your human masterpiece...

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