Kegel and Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls, also known as love balls, smart balls, or Kegel balls, are weighted balls meant to be worn inside the vagina. They're an ancient method used to train the pelvic muscles, and using them feels similar to doing Kegel exercises. But you don't have to actively do Kegels while wearing them, since the balls are weighted, so your pelvic muscles naturally work to hold them in place. In fact, these are one of the few sex toys you can use all day long and out in public – even strengthening your muscles without anyone knowing the difference.

Kegel balls, or Ben Wa balls, come in a variety of different weights and sizes to help you contract and release different muscles with ease. Choosing the right orgasm balls to fits your needs has to match your size, weight and pelvic floor strength.  Once you have a set of these weighted balls, how do you use them?   A woman only needs to insert the balls into her vagina and then just contract the muscles to hold the place in place. Voila! That is the kegel work out. If you want to tone your PC muscles for increased vaginal lubrication, stronger clitoral sensations, better vaginal grip and greater orgasmic abilities --  insert them into your vagina and flex your PC muscles around them. Adding to the experience,  you can wear them all day and enjoy sensation from their movement. And you can wear them while using your vibrator and intensify your experience.To learn more, read our article: Health Benefits of Using Ben Wa Balls

Kegel and Ben Wa Balls
  • Rechargeable Dual Kegel Balls Rechargeable Silicone Dual Kegel Balls

    Dual Vibrating Kegel Balls

    Primed and ready for your next pelvic floor workout, the Rechargeable Dual Kegel Ball is here to intensify your exercise routine. The all-women product development team of CalExotics has done it again by designing a double kegel vibrator as comfortable...
  • Adam & Eve Blue Blossom Glass Ben Wa Balls Adam & Eve Blue Blossom Glass Ben Wa Balls

    Adam & Eve Glass Ben Wa Balls

    Designed especially for Adam & Eve, these glass ben wa ball are 1" in diameter, with delicate handmade flowers embedded in the smooth glass spheres. Insert these beautiful , hand-blown glass pleasure balls into your vagina and stay aroused all day...
  • Intimate Pleasure Kegel Set Adam & Eve Intimate Pleasure Kegel Set

    Adam & Eve Intimate Pleasure Kegel Set

    Experience intimate pleasure and stronger orgasms with this luxurious kegel training kit. Simply slip one or two balls inside and squeeze your muscles around them to strengthen, tighten, and tone. As you move you'll feel weights inside each ball roll,...
  • Adam & Eve Eve's Silicone Kegel Training Set Adam & Eve Eve's Silicone Kegel Training Set Box

    Adam & Eve's Silicone Kegel Training Set

    Squeeze your way to stronger kegel muscles, increased erotic control, and your most powerful orgasms ever with this versatile kegel training set. Choose the level of your workout with two included trainers. Warm up with one single weighted ball, or go...
  • Asvani Glass Ben Wa Balls Asvani Glass Ben Wa Balls Packaging

    Asvani Glass Ben Wa Balls

      Such lovely way to flex your sexual muscles. These flowering ben wa balls are ideal for exercising Kegel muscles for more control and sexual sensation, as well as exploring your sensual side. The two glass spheres are weighted perfectly for Kegel...
  • B Yours Gleam Kegel Balls Stainless Steel B Yours Gleam Kegel Balls Stainless Steel

    B Yours Gleam Kegel Balls Stainless Steel

    This ancient technique of pleasure is still enjoyed today by women worldwide. They stimulate and massage you while challenging your pelvic muscles to hold them in place. They are also perfect to use along with other toys. Try using them while sitting, in...
  • Ben Wa Balls Ben Wa Balls

    Ben Wa Balls

    Ben Wa Balls are the oriental secret for female pleasure and vaginal muscle tone. A fine collectors replica of the original Japanese marital aids, these balls provide a discrete way to subtly titillate your vagina and heighten your sexual awareness all...
  • Berman Dilator Set Berman Dilator Set box

    Berman Center Vibrating Dilator Set

      Whether you want to learn to have sex without discomfort or you just want to train your pelvic floor muscles to enjoy sex more the Dilator Set is a great option. Start with the smallest circumference and slowly work your way up to the largest...
  • Fetish Fantasy Black Glass Ben Wa Balls

    Black Glass Ben Wa Balls

    These luxurious black Ben Wa balls are made from borosilicate glass and designed to last a lifetime. Their size and weight make them perfect for vaginal stimulation and exercise use, and the nonporous glass is hypoallergenic and body safe. With regular...
  • We-Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Balls with Blue Tooth Bloom Vibrating Kegel Balls - Rechargeable

    Bloom Vibrating Kegel Balls

     So visualize this: you are sitting in Starbucks texting on your smartphone. Or are you? Maybe you are controlling your Bloom Balls with your phone app and actually working out your kegels and tightening your vagina. It's a real possibility...
  • Wonder Lust Clarity Rechargeable Silicone Kegel Balls

    Clarity Rechargeable Silicone Kegal Balls

      Clarity features a compact shape, which is discreet and meticulously designed. Its smooth texture gives you an incredible sensation and makes it simple to keep in place. Much like the rest of the Wonderlust collection, it is quiet,...
  • Dr. Laura Berman Silicoe Kegel Set Dr. Laura Berman Kegel Set Silicone Weighted Kegel Exercisers

    Dr. Berman Weighted Kegel Exerciser Set

    Revitalize and strengthen pelvic floor muscles with the contoured Dr Laura Berman Silicone Kegel Weighted Training Kit. The uniquely designed 2-piece kegel training kit are gradually weighted to gently increase exercise intensity. The premium silicone...
  • Inner Goddess Silver Metal Pleasure Balls Inner Goddess Silver Metal Pleasure Balls

    Fifty Shades Inner Goddess Metal Balls

    MSRP: $34.95
      Perhaps the most iconic set of orgasm balls known to the world. Made famous in the memorable scenes from E.L James' erotic novel, these Silver Pleasure Balls are from the author-approved line directly inspired by and named for the Fifty Shades of...
  • First Time Duo Lover Kegel Balls First Time Duo Lover Kegel Balls

    First Time Love Balls

    Sculpted to fit and pleasure your most intimate inner place, the First Time Love Balls Duo Lover is designed to enhance sensual satisfaction and improve pelvic muscle control. These smooth, velvety soft balls are modeled on ancient Chinese sex toys. Each...
  • Fun Toys Geisha 2 Balls Fun Toys Geisha 2 Balls

    Geisha 2 Kegel Balls

    Geisha Balls 2 are a new generation of kegel balls. Improving on the original, this kegel exerciser is made with velvet touch silicone for easy insertion and a shorter option for the silicone string for a more comfortable fit. The usage of Geisha Balls...
  • Glas Yoni Eggs Glas Yoni Eggs

    Glas Yoni Eggs

    Strengthen pelvic floor muscles with a set of beautiful glass yoni eggs. Each of the smooth teardrop-shaped glass kegel exercisers features a tapered end for easy insertion. Once they’re inside, the eggs provide an internal massage and spark...
  • Her Kegel Kit

    Her Kegel Kit

      Combining two much-loved kegel tools with a versatile vibrating bullet, CalExotics Her Kegel Kit presents a range of solo or shared pleasure possibilities.Featuring velvety silicone construction, noticeable (yet manageable) weightiness and...
  • Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit - 5 Piece Set Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit - 5 Piece Set

    Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit - 5 Piece Set

    Featuring 5 curvy, extremely silky probes designed to help ease penetration, the Inspire Collection's Vibrating Dilator Kit gently stretches tight or sensitive areas, restoring comfort and pleasure at a comfortable custom pace. In super-smooth...
  • Inspire Vibrating Dilator Kit Inspire Vibrating Dilator Kit

    Inspire Vibrating Dilator Kit

    The 3-piece Inspire Vibrating Dilator Kit is designed with for comfort and pleasure. The ergonomically curved tools have been created improve sexual health while providing soothing, gentle vibrations to aide in pleasure. Each piece is made from...
  • Je Joue Ami Weight Balls Je Joue Ami Storage Box

    Je Joue Ami Progressive Kegel Balls

     Ami isn’t just one Kegel exerciser, but three – making it a totally unique way to tone up your PC muscle. Achieve more PC muscle control and stronger orgasms at your own pace with three progressive weights and detailed guide to...
  • Kegel Tool Silicone Luv Balls - Black

    Kegel Tool Silicone Luv Balls

    The Luv Balls are a sexy modern twist on the kegel balls. Erotic and practical all in one.  Still just as functional by promoting strengthened vaginal muscles and more intense orgasms this updated style is designed for heightened stimulation. The...
  • Lelo Hula Vibrating Beads

    Lelo Hula Vibrating Beads

    Hula Beads are the worlds first ever remote controlled pleasure beads that rotate and vibrate at the same time. Delivering completely new sensations insert only the rotating bead gently within and let powerful vibrations be felt around the...
  • Lelo Luna Balls Lelo Luna Balls

    Lelo Luna Balls

    Luna Beads is a larger version of the Luna Beads Mini, the world's bestselling kegel exercising aid. Luna Beads are a combined pleasure/fitness system for the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Developed as an alternative to traditional "geisha-balls",...
  • Lelo Luna Balls Mini Lelo Luna Balls Mini

    Lelo Luna Balls Mini

    Build up your inner strength and stay sexy. Featuring a smaller diameter, LUNA Beads Mini have been specially designed to offer a perfect fit for women under 30 who have never been pregnant, while LUNA Beads are recommended for over-30 years old and...
  • Lia Love Balls

    Lia Love Balls

    Squeeze your kegels around these love balls! With every step, theseweighted love balls shake, working your muscles and giving you an amazing inner massage.   Set of two weighted love ballsEncased in purple premium siliconeStretchy silicone...
  • Lelo Luna Kegel Balls in Black Luna Balls Noir

    Luna Balls Noir

    Luna Beads Noir are the sleek and seductive take on the World's bestselling Ben Wa balls that promise irresistible pleasures during foreplay and beyond. Perfect for wearing on a night with your partner, the inner balls respond to movements with subtle...
  • Lelo Luna Smart Bead

    Luna Smart Bead Vibrating Kegel Exerciser

     Meet the LUNA Smart Bead your very own personal pleasure trainer. With touch-sensors that respond to your every squeeze the LUNA Smart Bead measures your orgasm-potential and sets a routine that is  right for you. Progress through its 5...
  • Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls

    Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls

    The Double O Kegel Balls are designed to  pleasure and to strengthen your pelvic muscles, which leads to stronger, more intense orgasms. Made of silky smooth, body safe ABS plastic, each ball contains a weighted bead produces vibrations with your...
  • Mae B Love Balls Mae B Love Balls Package

    Mae B Laced Love Balls Pink

    These laced love balls work on the premise that motion provides pleasure. And the more you move while wearing these, the more vibration you will feel as the balls move inside the smooth velvety shape. And the best part... no batteries or recharging are...
  • FemmeFunn Momenta Vibrating Kegel Balls Momenta Vibrating Kegel Balls

    Momenta Vibrating Kegel Balls

    MSRP: $125.95
    Momenta. An abundance of motions. The sensual combination of vibrations & rattling, blended together for harmonious strength and stimulation. Keep the momentum going, and stay sexy! Features: One button boost button 10 powerful vibration...
  • Vedo Peach Rechargeable Vibrating Egg Vedo Peach - Pink

    Peach Vibrating Egg

    VEDO Peach Vibrating Egg delivers discreet and deeply gratifying sensations. This remote controlled egg allows you to change any of the 10 vibration modes with a touch of a button. Designed to provide you with pleasurable vibrations while building and...
  • Pillow Talk Luxurious Pleasure Balls Silicone Kegel Balls- Pink Pillow Talk Luxurious Pleasure Balls Silicone Kegel Balls

    Pillow Talk Luxurious Kegel Balls - Pink

    The Frisky kegel exercisers are perfectly weighted to strengthen one's pelvic muscles. These pleasure balls deliver a stimulating rocking motion inspired by the wearer's natural movements and help in increasing excitement. The Frisky pleasure balls have...
  • Posh Silicone O Balls Calexotic Silicone Orgasm Balls

    Posh Silicone O Balls

    Luxuriously designed and perfectly body safe, this lovely silicone kegel strengthening set of 'O' Balls hails from the high end Posh collection. This particular set of balls, the likes of which has been steadily growing in popularity thanks to a certain...
  • Rechargeable Kegel Ball Advanced Rechargeable Kegel Ball Advanced

    Rechargeable Kegel Ball Advanced

      This silicone kegel exerciser is great for advanced users because of its slightly smaller size and easy retrieval cord (the smaller the ball, the harder you have to work). It features 12 intense functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation...
  • Rechargeable Kegel Ball Starter Calexotics Rechargeable Kegel Ball Starter

    Rechargeable Kegel Ball Starter

    The Rechargeable Starter Kegel Ball is perfect for beginners thanks to its size and easy retrieval cord. It features 12 intense functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. A state-of-the-art memory chip inside the kegel balls resumes to the last...
  • Satisfyer Duo Balls 3 Piece Training Set

    Satisfyer Double Balls

    Satisfyer Balls Duo is a set of kegel weights that contain weighted balls inside the body-safe silicone design that vibrate with movement. This vibration activates the kegel muscles to flex and release, which can create more vaginal elasticity and even...
  • She-Ology 5-Piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set She-Ology 5-Piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set

    She-Ology Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set

    Revitalize and strengthen vaginal muscles with the contoured She-Ology 5-Piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set. The uniquely designed 5-piece dilator kits are ergonomically curved and gradually sized to allow for gentle dilation. The premium silicone probes...

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