Arousing Lubricants

Sexual arousal lubricants are designed to enhance sensation and/or prolong orgasm. Arousal enhancers and arousal lubes are made specifically to produce tingling sensations and increase blood flow to the vagina and penis for a much more intense sexual feeling. For men, performance enhancing lubricants and creams are formulated to keep the penis hard, erect, and firm and provide the staying power needed to prolong orgasm. From our personal research, we have found that men really enjoy cooling and tingling lubes. Maintain your sexual health with a personal lubricant.

Arousing Lubricants
  • Adam & Eve Marathon Delay Spray

    Adam & Eve Marathon Spray

    Be a marathon man. Enjoy bigger, harder erections and the longest-lasting sex ever with this maximum strength delay spray. Marathon's special benzocaine formula provides gentle numbing and soothes your trigger for bigger, harder, more intense erections...
  • Adam & Eve Turn It Up Warming Lubricant

    Adam & Eve Turn It Up Warming Lubricant

    This Adam & Eve lubriants turns it up and turn it on.  This water-based lubricant warms on contact heats up when you rub it. So keep rubbing then blow on it - for a super warm and sensual sensation. Try just a dab on any erogenous zone for a...
  • Adam and Eve Make Me Cum Clit Sensitizer

    Adam and Eve Make Me Cum Clit Sensitizer

    Adam and Eve's Clit Sensitizer is just what you need to boost your sexual confidence, discover the magic of orgasms and start enjoying sex. The special agents in the cream work by targeting your nerves - increasing their sensitivity and responsiveness so...
  • Aqua Chill Cooling Water-Based Lubricant

    Aqua Chill Water-Based Cooling Lubricant

    $12.00 - $16.00
    Chilling and thrilling... this superior quality water-based lubricant is designed to keep you cool as playtime gets hot. Natural peppermint leaf, ginger root and menthol combine to tingle and excite pleasure spots. Be cool and stay...
  • Aqua Heat Water-Based Warming Lubricant

    Aqua Heat Water-Based Warming Lubricant

    $12.00 - $16.00
    Aqua Heat lets you play with fire and not get burned. Aqua Heat is a unique blend of warming elements while the advanced water-based formula helps enhance personal moisture. Gentle for all skin types and safe for use with all toys. Try this highly...
  • Awaken Clitoral Gel Massage Gel

    Awaken Clitoral Massage Gel

    A silky enhancement gel from Wicked, Awaken Clitoral Massaging Gel works to further increase sensation and pleasure to a key female sweet spot. Combining herbal sourced botanics and aphrodisiacs, a peas sized amount of Awaken massaged into the clitoris...

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