Penis Extenders/Sleeves

Penis extenders and penis sleeves are for men who want add length and width to their penis.  Penis extenders are worn over the penis and instantly add inches and thickness. Many of these penis extenders are made of the lifelike material called Cyberskin and feel very natural. For men with ED, hollow extenders offer more support and work with or without an erection. There is nothing wrong with using a penis extension. In fact, many of our customers suffer from ED due to medical conditions and prostate problems.  Based on feedback, many of these products have proven to be very helpful.  Our staff carefully selects products with both men and their partners in mind.

  • 8" Fantasy X-Tension Perfect 3-Inch Extension Fantasy X-Tension Perfect 3-Inch Extension Opening

    Fantasy X-Tension Perfect 3" Extender

    Developed as a safe, affordable, non-surgical alternative to expensive medical procedures and pills, the Fantasy X-Tension instantly, and easily provides length and thickness. Perfect for men with ED and midway performance problems, this enhancer will...
  • Fantasy Mega 1" Penis X-tension Fantasy Mega Extension Interior

    Fantasy Mega 1" Penis X-tension

    Developed as a safe, affordable, non-surgical alternative to medical procedures and pills, Fantasy Mega X-tension is a good solution for men with ED and midway performance problems.  This wearable penis extender instantly adds thickness and length...
  • Be Shane Penis Extender Be Shane Wearable Penis Extender

    Be Shane Penis Extender

    Never underestimate the power of Diesel. Porn Legend Shane Diesel is known for his massive penis size and sexual prowess, a sex symbol and fantasy for many. Now all men can be Shane... literally. The Be Shane! Extension/Girth Enhancer is molded directly...
  • Brown Mega Extra Thick Penis Extension Fantasty Mega Extension Extension Brown

    Fantasy 2" Mega X-Tension - Brown

    Be bold, brown and bigger! The Mega 2" Extension is a completely customizable penis extension that can be easily trimmed at the base for a perfect fit. It's super-stretchy to accommodate most sizes and snug enough to help you last longer. Your partner...
  • Fantasy X-tension with Ball Strap Brown Fantasy X-tension with Ball Strap Opening

    Fantasy 8" X-tension with Ball Strap Brown

    Thoughtfully designed to look and feel as natural as possible while adding length and girth, the Fantasy X-Tensions collection presents a simple and safe way to both enhance the look and feel of the penis while assisting with stamina, providing a...
  • Silicone Hollow Penis Extender with Ball Strap Ride On Penis Extension Caramel.  Recommend for men with ED.

    Ride On Penis Extender - Light Tan

      Ride On is our extender or PPA, which is hollow-shaped to fit over the penis. The underlying philosophy is to create a vacuum and pull the penis into the Ride On rather than to push.Created for everyone who has been searching for a softer...
  • Fantasy X-Tension Real Feel Penis Girth Enhancer Fantasy X-Tension Real Feel Penis Girth Enhancer  Opening

    Fantasy X-Tension Real Feel Penis Girth Enhancer

    $34.00 - $35.00
    The Real Feel Girth Enhancer is a customizable sleeve that can be easily trimmed at the tip for a perfect fit. The thick enhancer features an open-ended head so you can feel every sensation and still enjoy the natural touch of your partner. It is super...
  • Doctor Love's Penis Girth Enhancer Doctor Love's Penis Sleeve

    Doctor Love's 1.5" Extra Girth Sleeve

      Have you dreamed of having a bigger, harder and prolonged erection? Now you can achieve this with Doctor Love's Penis Girth Enhancer. Most penis extenders add length to the penis however many people prefer fullness over length. Doctor Love's...
  • Ample Penis Extender Ample Penis Extender

    Ample Penis Extension

      This lifelike penis extender provides an increase in size while also prolonging your erection. Simply insert your penis into the comfortable hollow shaft and slip your testicles through the stretchy ring. Made of flesh colored TPR material, this...
  • Beginners Hollow Strap On Ivory Fetish Fantasy Unisex Hollow Strap On

    Beginners Hollow Strap-on

    $45.00 - $49.00
      Designed perfectly for either a man or a woman, the Hollow Strap On is a classic, realistically styled dildo meant to be worn by one partner, while the other partner enoys the opposite end. Since the dildo itself is hollow and lined with soft...
  • Futurotic Penis Extension - Brown Interior Futurotic Penis Extension - Brown

    Futurotic Penis Extension - Brown

    Enjoy a longer and thicker erection with the Futurotic Extender. The real feeling erection enhancer is designed for maximized size and pleasure The stretch to fit Futurotic Penis Extender adds a full 2 inch increase in length, plus enhanced girth. The...
  • Vibrating Beige Hollow Strap On Vibrating Hollow Strap on

    Beginners Hollow Strap-on Vibrating

    $59.00 - $65.00
    Naturally angled and completely unisex, the intensely user friendly Vibrating Hollow Strap-On was clearly designed for versatility and pleasure for both sexes. This product can be worn with or without an erection thanks to its firmness. Good choice for...
  • Renegade Penis Sleeve Renegade Penis Cage

    Renegade Open Ended Clear Penis Sleeve

      Soft, clingy and textured, the Renegad wonderful penis enhancer that increases the penis thickness but can also aid with a too-fast finish.Made from extra soft, super stretchy elastomer, the skin-safe Renegade slips easily and snugly over the...
  • Fat Boy Stretchy Penis Extender Clear Fat Boy Stretchy Penis Extender

    Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin Penis Extender

    $48.00 - $59.00
      Get fat and stay sexy. The Fat Boy Thin Original is perfect for guys looking for an ultra-real feeling sheath. The super strong Fat Boy Thin gives that extra girth to your penis without it being too big for your partner to handle. It's...
  • Doctor Love's Dynamic Penis Extender Dynamic Penis Extender Interior

    Dynamic Strapless Penis Extension

      This extension is designed for use even without an erection! It stays on your penis without straps. The instructions show you how to create a vacuum in the device in order to make it hold on to your penis as long as you wish. Be dynamic and stay...
  • Adonis Penis Extender - Smoke Adonis Penis Extender - Clear

    Adonis Penis Extension

    Size does matter! The Adonis Extension adds a full 2 inches to length of a penis, is comfortable to wear, and discreet. Features a soft, sensual, and ribbed extension with an accentuated penis head and is made from unscented TPR. One size fits all - trim...
  • Size Matters Realistic Penis 2" Penis Extension Size Matters Realistic with Penis Extension with Ball Strap

    Size Matters Realistic 8. 5" Penis Extension

      Easily and inexpensively add thickness, length to your penis.  Sculpted with incredible lifelike details, this penis extension gives you more to work with when playing with a partner. Slip your shaft into the sheath and your scrotum into the...

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