Large Dildos

Sometimes you just need a little (or a lotta!) something extra when it comes to your dildos. Our selection of extra large dildos doesn’t sacrifice any of the things you love about the smaller versions, just magnifies them. Fans of lifelike dildos can rejoice – the popular Cyberskin technology does come in size XL for an experience that is intensely satisfying and extremely realistic. Need a little buzz? Get off with one of our extra large vibrating dildos for an additional sensation that will send you over the edge. These dildos are safe to use and are guaranteed to take you to the limit.

One word of warning – we don’t say ‘extra large’ for nothing. These dildos are perfect for the experienced sex toy junkie but may be a little intense for the newbies. Be sure to take note of the dimensions listed on each product to avoid any surprises.