Fun Factory

FUN FACTORY produces a colorful world of love toys in trendy colors and fun designs. The vibrators and dildos are reminiscent of stylish accessories rather than male genitalia and therefore have convincingly secured their place in the lifestyle segment. Not only is emphasis placed on exterior appearance but also on carefully regulated quality. All FUN FACTORY products are made of 100% medical standard silicone and materials gentle to the body and are mostly finished by hand.
Fun Factory
  • Fun Factory Amor Stubs Fun Factory Amor Silicone Dildo Black

    Amor Stubs Silicone Dildo

      AMOR catches the eye with its very streamlined, yet elegant, semi-realistic shape. Perfectly sized for beginners. STUBS are made out of 100% silicone. They are flexible without cutting...
  • Fun Factory Amorino Mini Vibrator - Pink Amorino Mini Vibrator -Blue

    Amorino Mini Vibrator

      The Amorino from Fun Factory is  mini vibrator with a taut band. Like a rubber band but way better  This is one unique design.  And the word from our testers -- it delivers...
  • B Ball Uno Anal Plug B Ball Uno Anal Toy Box

    B Ball Uno Anal Toy

    Put a bit of bounce in your bum. From its tapered tip to its flexible base that fits perfectly between your cheeks, the B BALL UNO is shaped for easy insertion and ultimate comfort. Anytime you...
  • Fun Factory Be One Couples Vibrator Fun Factory Be One Couples Finger Vibrator

    Be One Couples Vibrator

    Let the BE·ONE rest between your fingers and deliver effortless vibration with every touch! With two strong motors that bounce vibration off each other, this couples toy heightens every caress...
  • Fun Factory Stronic Bi Purple Bi Stronic Fusion Massager

    Bi Stronic Fusion

    The Bi Stronic Fusion from Fun Factory has everything you want in one vibrator. Thrusting motion and powerful vibration - together at last. The Stronic Bi is a game-changing toy that thrusts,...
  • Fun Factory Big Boss Rechargeable Vibrator - Ivory Fun Factory Big Boss Rechargeable Vibrator - Ivory

    Big Boss G5 - Ivory

    At nine inches long and nearly two inches thick, BIG BOSS lives up to its name—even before you feel its deep, purring vibrations. With its ultra-strong motor, this is the toy for the size...
  • Fun Factory Big Boss Black Line Vibrator Fun Factory Big Boss Black Line Vibrator Measurements

    Black Line Big Boss Vibrator

      Be your own boss and take control of your pleasure. There’s nothing tame about this toy: it's black, it's big, and its roaring (yet quiet) motor makes it a force to be acknowledged...
  • Fun Factory Duke Prostate Vibrator - Black Fun Factory Duke Prostate Vibrator - Blue

    Duke Prostate Vibrator

      Thanks to its ergonomic shape, Fun Factory's Duke Prostate Vibrator adapts optimally and smoothly to the male anatomy and stimulates the P-spot and perineum intensely with its powerful...
  • Fun Factory Fun Cups Reusable Menstrual Cups Fun Factory Fun Cups Reusable Menstrual Cups

    Fun Cups Menstral Cups

    Ladies, welcome to your new tampon and maxi pad free world!  Are your ready to think and live totally outside of the box and embrace the possibilities of the Cup? That's right.  Meet the...
  • Fun Factory Abby G Spot Vibrator Purple Fun Factory Abby G Spot Vibrator Blue

    Fun Factory Abby G Spot Vibrator

    $92.00 - $129.90
    All the freedom of a battery toy, without sacrificing power! ABBY G has the strongest battery-operated motor on the market, thanks to our patented BATTERY+ technology. WHAT MAKES THE ABBY G...
  • Fun Factory Bootie Ring Fun Factory Bootie Ring

    Fun Factory Bootie Ring

      Modest in size and impressive in design, the BOOTIE RING is perfect for curious beginners and sexperts alike.  Use it solo or with a partner for the kind of orgasms that only happen when...
  • Fun Factory Bouncer Red Dildo Fun Factory Bouncer Black Dildo

    Fun Factory Bouncer Dildo

    The Fun Factory Bouncer is a strap-on dildo with rumbling balls inside making each thrust incredible. Three weighted balls bounce and roll inside the Bouncer's shaft as you move it, giving you a...
  • Mr. Boss Hybrid Vibrator - Pink Mr. Boss Hybrid Vibrator - Cream

    Fun Factory Mr. Boss Vibrator

    It is a vibrating dilemma that is as old as the day is long.  Battery operated vs rechargeable.  They both have their pros and their cons.  Battery operated vibrators cost less and are...

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