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Zolo Thrustbuster Stroker with Audio

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Zolo Thrust Buster - Thrusting Male Stimulator w/Erotic Audio
Zolo Thrust Buster Thrusting Stroker
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Zolo Thrustbuster is a unique stroker complete with moaning sound effects and four modes of automatic thrusting. Impressively sleek and lightweight, the Thrustbuster is comfortable to hold either by your or your partner.

The opening to the snug, textured ribbed tunnel is soft and welcoming. With the touch of a button, the 4 thrust modes are activated, sending the "vaginga" thumping and pulsing up and down. And if that is not enough, the Thrustbuster comes with audio . A separate lip-shaped button turns on the orgasmic moaning, panting and oral encouragement.

Rechargeable via USB and complete with padded travel pouch, the Thrustbuster is definitely portable and always ready for action. 3.5 hours of charge time will provide up to one full hour of playtime. Not rated for use in water. Go Zolo and stays sexy.


  • 4 Thrusting modes
  • Mimics the sensation of sliding in and out of a real vagina 
  • Grip handle for one-handed use 
  • Built in erotic audio for added stimulation



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