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Viva Cream for Women

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Viva Arousal Cream for Women
Viva Cream for Women 3 Pack
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Viva Cream is an exciting and revolutionary product developed to work for women of all ages. It is intended to add pleasure, increase desire, and enhance the female orgasm. Many women have used Viva Cream with satisfying and dramatic benefits.

Developed by M.D. Science Lab, all-natural hormone-free Viva Cream is a non-sticky tingly cream designed to stimulate blood flow to the clitoris and the surrounding area, which in turn, leads to increased sensitivity, and stronger orgasms.

Viva Cream is water-based and condom compatible, and a hint of mint flavoring as to not interfere with oral sex. Consisting of a unique combination of herbal extracts vitamins and amino acids in a think clear non-sticky gel, each ingredient has been chosen for its proven effects on the sensitive tissues of women. Arousal is instigated by the warm gentle tingling sensations of menthol. As the benefits continue tingling and warmth intensify and niacin further enhances blood flow into the area.

While response varies from woman to woman, Viva Cream will usually start to work immediately with a gentle warm tingling within moments of rubbing the gel into the clitoral area. Most women relate this as pleasurable and intensely arousing. As the benefits continue, you may notice an increase in warmth and tingling and a sense of sexual urgency as the blood flow increases into the area, peaking at 10-20 minutes and lasting up to 30-90 minutes.

Directions: Apply a pearl-size amount directly to clitoris, gently rubbing the cream into the clitoris and the area directly on the underside. A warm, tingling sensation indicates effect. Additional applications may be necessary.

Primary Ingredient: Menthol, L-Arginine, and Niacin

There are no known side effects, however, for women who have a vulvar irritation, who are actively bleeding, have an open lesion, or who are pregnant should consult their physician prior to use.

Each box contains three 7.5 ml, re-sealable tubes (up to 30 applications), and a booklet.


For Women

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