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Thigh and Wrist Cuffs

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SportSheets Thigh and Wrist Cuffs
SportSheets Thigh and Wrist Cuffs
SportSheets Thigh and Wrist Cuffs
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Restrain your partner in many compromising positions with these thigh and wrist cuffs.  This set from Sportsheets includes two sets of cuffs one for the wrists the other for the thighs. Adjust to fit almost any size and connect and disconnect quickly and discreet. 

These cuffs can be clipped together in any combination. Both cuff sets are easily adjustable with simple straps and user friendly ladder-lock closures, just pull the straps to tighten and adjust; you can have your partner bound seconds, and freed just as quickly.  Thanks to the Velcro construction, these cuffs fit just about any size.

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