Scandal Bed Restraint Kit

Scandal Bed Restraint Kit

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Lay back and enjoy kinky romp in the sack with the Scandal Bed Restraint Kit. Scandalous desires reach new heights with this sultry kit. An erotic eye mask forces the wearer to relinquish sight. While the breathable, adjustable ball gag not only silences its wearer, but puts them in a vulnerable state of complete surrender. Paired with immobilizing bed restraints, the submissive is left in complete surrender to the wills of the dominant.

The cross-style bed restraints are adjustable to fit mattresses as large as California Kings and can be pulled tighter for a fully customized range of motion. Your dominant can spread your legs and arms as wide as they wish for perfect access to your secret spots. The wrist and ankle cuffs are totally adjustable for comfort and fit, so strap in as tightly as you dare. The luxurious red and black fabric will have you feeling sexy and irresistible, especially when you are bound up. Slip the stretchy, blindfold over your eyes and experience heightened sensation. The ball gag is fully adjustable to fit your face snugly and features plenty of holes to keep you breathing (and moaning) smoothly. The universal clasps and O-rings make changing positions easy. Your dominant can lay you down and restrain you on your back, on your belly, or with your behind up in the air and waiting for their touch.

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