Lelo Luna Kegel Balls in Black

Luna Balls Noir

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Introducing the pièce de résistance of toy collections worldwide, this set of fabulous Luna Beads is a sultry, sensual jet black version of Lelo's incredibly popular, impossibly pleasurable mini ben-wa balls.

Sized like the original Mini Luna's, the Noir set has every much-loved feature of these groundbreaking kegel and pleasure balls, they're simply, sensually dark and contain one set of weighted balls as opposed to two. Aside from the practical pelvic fitness applications of this fantastic system, the Beads are also a way to gain increased sexual awareness, as our friend Anatasia Steele discovers in the Fifty Shades scenario. Moving around while wearing the beads creates a pleasant, subtle feeling of pleasure, as the free form weights within the balls gently vibrate and jiggle, naturally stimulating the vaginal area. Many women love the feeling of the beads inside them, and find that it increases desire, making the Luna Beads a great way to get ready for sex. Since the Luna set is so incredibly discreet, you'll be able to wear the beads unbeknownst to anyone, letting you get your workout (or simple pleasure) secretly and enjoyably.

Long before they catapulted into the public eye thanks to a certain titillating appearance in the ultra erotic Fifty Shades trilogy, ben wa balls have held a place in history, both sexually and in health-related scenarios. In Japan, elite courtesans were thought to wear the balls constantly as a way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, giving the courtesan's 'pleasure quarters' a very literal meaning. Today, this type of sexual tool is still used in a variety of ways, but most often, the balls are used as kegel weights for vaginal strengthening and to increase sexual awareness. The weighted balls help you exercise the muscles in the pelvic floor responsible for sexual pleasure, while keeping the vaginal walls elastic and responsive to stimulation and pleasure.

The Luna Beads Noir, like their incredibly popular original version, consist of a set of slick, smooth weighted plastic balls and a silky silicone girdle. Unlike the originals however, the Noir set contains a single set of beads at 37 grams. Absolutely perfect for beginners, the Noir  set is smaller than the original, designed to be more comfortable for women who are just starting out with this type of toy, Lelo recommends the Mini for women under 30, or who have not given birth. 

These beads are ideally designed for customized use and enjoyment, while they're meant to be worn in the soft silicone girdle, they can certainty be used alone as well. There's one foundation bead, featuring a retrieval cord at one end, so if you'll be using just one, it's a good idea to use this bead to help with easy removal. Once you have the Luna inside you, it will naturally pinpoint the muscles needed to create a stronger pelvic floor, as you'll need to contract these muscles to keep the bead(s) in place. 

Both the beads and girdle are completely body safe, phthalate free and extremely hygienic, not to mention hypoallergenic and perfect for users with sensitive skin. Detailed instructions and tips for use are included, along with a soft satin storage bag and some personal moisturizer, which can help with insertion.


  • Length - 2.9"(with girdle)
  • Girth - 3.9"
  • Width - 1 1/4"
  • Weight - 37g x 2
  • Material - Silicone, ABS plastic
  • Special Features - Discreet, hygienic, hypoallergeninc
  • Color - Black

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