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Fantasy C-Ringz Silicone 3-Ring Stamina Set

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Fantasy C-Ringz Silicone 3-Ring Stamina Set
Fantasy C-Ringz Silicone 3-Ring Stamina Set - Box
Fantasy C-Ringz Silicone 3-Ring Stamina Set
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When you're looking for the ultimate beginner's cock ring kit, the Silicone 3-Ring Stamina Set is the proven choice for rock-hard erections that last and last. With three super-stretchy silicone rings to choose from, this trio is the perfect assortment to help you achieve your potential.

Made from our phthalate-free, body-safe Elite Silicone, the three performance rings range from 1.25" (3.2cm) to 2" (5.1cm). Find the perfect size for you and put it around the base of your shaft to gently restrict blood flow and help you achieve the biggest and most intense erections ever imagined. The ring's tight squeeze will put a clamp on performance letdowns.

Try the rings in different combinations to find the best results. Use all three rings at the same time for the ultimate stamina test.




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