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Charged Fing O Finger Vibe

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Sreaming O Rechargeable FingO Vibrator
Screaming O Rechargeable Fing O
Charged Fing O Finger Vibe
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Turn you finger into a vibrator.  The Charged Fing Ois a mini vibe powered by famous Vooom vibration technology that is worn on your finger. Featuring a unique low-pitch motor, the Charged Fing O rumbles with deep vibration and turns your finger into a massaging sex toy – and it’s 100% waterproof.

The Charged Fing O is a compact mini vibe that is easy to incorporate to almost any sex position without interruption or skipping a beat. Simply stretch the loop around your finger to keep it securely in place during any intimate act that could use a vibration boost, even in the bath or shower.  At its highest speed, the Charged Fing O vibrates for more than 60 minutes and recharges with a secure USB charging system (included) that boosts power without worry.

Charged Fing O is backed with a 2-year limited warranty and is made of soft SEBS and ABS plastic, two materials that have been lab tested to ensure a satisfying and body-safe experience.


• Rechargeable finger vibe
• Adds stimulating vibration to almost any sex position
• Powered by deep, rumbling Vooom technology
• 10 penetrating vibration functions
• Made of lab-tested body-safe ABS and SEBS



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