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Cgc Tush Ease Anal Gel w/Benzocaine

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Keep your booty happy and comfortable with Crazy Girl Tush Ease. Tingly on application, this lubricious gel decreases sensitivity of the anus, so you can gently ease your way into more adventurous play. Perfect for enhancing anal adventures.

Aloe-infused booty relaxant with Ethyl Paba relaxes, moisturizes and decreases sensitivity of the anus to keep your booty happy and to minimize sensitivity for heightened pleasures in anal sex. Ideal for toy play, self love and couple-friendly bedroom encounters, concentrated, effective Cg Tush Ease also fragrance-free for sensitivities.

Apply a small amount of gel directly to fingertip and gently rub on anus prior to penetration. Use minimum effective quantity. May be used with most vibrating toys. This product is not designed to mask pain. If you experience any discomfort stop and listen to your body.Not intended to be used as a lubricant. Made in the USA. This product contains 4.9% of benzocaine.

Container size: 0.7 ounces