Hott Products

Hott Products
  • Hott Products Bliss Power Punch Hott Products Bliss Power Punch

    Bliss Power Punch

    When it comes to intense sexual stimulation...Bliss Power Punch will give your sex life a real power punch that will cause waves of erotic pleasure up and down your back. You will experience an...
  • Candy G-String Nutritional Facts

    Candy G-String

      With over 300 multi-color fruit-flavored candy pieces this, sweet and sexy G-String is the perfect after dinner treat. Hipper and prettier than your basic edible panties, these naughty...
  • Dickalicious Penis Arousal Gel

    Dickalicious Arousal Gel

    Dickalicious Penis Arousal Gel is sure to ignite a fire in your lover's libido. Watch your lover literally grow wild with sexual excitement as you spread on and lick off this flavored penis arousal...
  • Gum Job Oral Sex Candy Teeth Covers

    Gum Job Oral Sex Candy 6 Pk

      You will get an A+ on this oral exam! Give your partner the ultimate blow job  with Gum Job Oral Sex Gummy Candy Teeth Covers. These yummy tasting candy teeth covers easily fit over any...
  • Horny Honey Arousal Cream Horny Honey Arousal Cream

    Horny Honey Arousal Cream

    Exhilarating arousal cream for his and her pleasure! Horny Honey has a special formulated blend of ingredients which helps stimulate the libido in both men and women by increasing blood flow to the...
  • Liquor Lube Sex Lubricant

    Liquor Lube

    It is never a good idea to drink alone. Now you can get your sexual "buzz" on with Liquor Lube - a specially formulated, premium quality, water-based personal lubricant that comes in your favorite...
  • Neon Body Paints

    Neon Play Paints

    Now you can write out your inner most desires on your lovers body with these fun Neon Play Paints. These bright assorted colored paints are easy to use and fun to play with. Let your lover really...
  • Orgasmix Orgasm Enhancement Gel 1 ounce

    Orgasmix Orgasm Enhancement Gel

    Orgasmix is an orgasm enhancing gel for women. Most of the ingredients are typically present in water-based lubricants while a few others are usually seen in dietary supplements to increase sex drive...
  • Play Pens Edible Body Paint Play Pens Edible Body Paint in Four Flavors

    Play Pens Edible Body Paint

      Add color to your bedroom! The Play Pens Edible Body Paints come in four fun colors/flavors. The easy squeeze pens have brush tip applicators so you can apply the paints just where you want...

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