Top 10 Things to Turn-On Your Man

Personally one of my biggest turn-ons is teasing and turning on my partner. Some people may say that foreplay is overrated, but I think that foreplay is everything. Take control and do something that will blow your man’s mind. Leave him wanting all of you just by doing something out of the ordinary or something that you know drives him wild.

There are so many things that you can do to make your man melt in your hands…or in your mouth, but here are just a few suggestions to get things really heated up!

Sneak Up from Behind

Slip behind him and start playing with his penis, this way you can stroke him from the same angle that he strokes himself when he masturbates. He’ll love the feeling and you’ll be able to do additional things he can’t do to himself. Kiss or bite at his back, whisper naughty things into his ear, and completely leave him wanting more. Sneaking up on someone is a huge turn on; it shows how much you want him and want to please him. He’ll be more than happy to return the favor.


Let your man see your body! It’s more than likely that he hasn’t really gotten to just marvel at your naked body. Taking off clothes in a frenzy and being body to body doesn’t really allow for him to really take in all of you. Undress in front of him and let him give you a look over. Tease and toy with him, move around in a sexy manner, bend over, keep eye contact with him and watch him get completely aroused for you.

Let Him Watch

Men are very visual when it comes to arousal. If you really want to get him turned on let him watch you play with yourself. Have a hot make-out session and then pull away from him. Crawl away and turn to face him. Spread those legs and work your magic. He’ll be in awe of what he’s looking at. You can even bring out your favorite toy and play with yourself as he watches. You will make him crazy, make him wish that it was him doing that to you.

Break Out the Blindfold

Take his sight away from him! This will heighten his other senses, smell, touch, and taste; let him take you in. Push him up against the headboard; straddle him and tie that blindfold tight, making sure he can’t see a thing. He will anxiously be anticipating every touch, kiss, and lick. This will definitely drive him crazy. Since men are so visual, he’ll lose his mind not being able to see you. Play and tease until you see he can’t take it anymore and rip off his blindfold and just see what happens next!

Make Him Beg

Teasing is a big turn on! Try kissing and licking from his mouth all the way down stomach, hover over his penis. Lick and suck at his thighs and around everything but his actual penis. Make him beg for it. You will definitely drive him wild. Make him tell you how much he wants it. The combination of the tease and the naughty talk will have him melting in your mouth soon enough.

Climb On Top

The man doesn’t…and shouldn’t always be on top. Take control! Push him up against the wall, pull him into a room, or throw him up against the headboard. Make things rough, playfully wrestle with him and show him your force. Push him up against the headboard and climb on top of him. Hold his arms above his head; he’ll be completely under your control.

Take a Sensual Shower

Spice things up and pull him into the shower with you or jump in while he’s already showering. Soup him up, cleaning every inch of him, letting him do the same to you. Make things steamy by washing him off and stroking him slowly, letting him know how much you want him. That will be a huge turn on for him and he’ll definitely end up showing you how much he wants you.

Find a New Place

Trying new things out is always a turn on. Doing the same things in the same place can get repetitive and boring and the last thing you want your sex life to be in boring. Initiate some naughtiness in a random new place, whether that’s the car, or the kitchen table, just go for it! New things are fun and exciting and can really get the blood boiling.

Wake Him Up

A man would have to be insane to not be turned on by being woken up for sex. Wake him up by grinding your butt on him if you are spooning each other. Or wake him with some fellatio, he’s mind will be blown when he wakes up with him in your mouth. It will be a great morning when you take a bold step and make things dirty. Men are super aroused in the morning so this is the perfect way to take advantage of that.

Talk Dirty to Him

A lot of women find it awkward or embarrassing to talk really dirty, but there is nothing to be ashamed of! Your man will absolutely love it if you talk dirty to him. Just whispering something naughty in his ear will drive him wild. Tell him how much you want him and how much you can’t stop thinking about what he’s going to do to you. Tell him in detail what you want him to do to you, you’ll have him right where you want him. 

28th Aug 2014

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