Cleaning Your Sex Toys

SEX EDUCATION: Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Picking a sex toys is always a personal and subjective process. People all have different needs, different anatomy, different life-styles. What works for one person, might not work for another. That said, people put a lot thought into their selection, and consequently, want to be sure they are taking the proper steps in caring for their "investment." And it all comes down to cleaning.

Here's a breakdown of how to clean sex toys by material:

Silicone: Hypoallergenic and easiest to maintain, silicone dildos and non-battery-operated toys may be boiled for two to three minutes, or washed with soap and water. NEVER boil silicone sex toys with electrical components. Let them air dry completely or dry with a lint-free cloth before storing. Also, something to keep in mind, only use water-based lubricant with silicone sex toys.

Plastic/Acrylic/Glass: All can be washed with warm water and anti-bacterial hand soap and sterilized using an alcohol-soaked cotton ball (rinse thoroughly afterward); acrylic and glass toys may be boiled or submerged in hot water if they're not battery-operated.

Rubber/Latex and Jelly: These products are extremely porous, so be sure to wash them thoroughly with warm water and anti-bacterial hand soap, and rinse so that no trace of soap is left, as it can degrade the material and cause irritation to you. Again, while it's a good idea to use a condom with any insertable toys, it's an especially good idea with these materials.

Realistics: Names include CyberskinTM, FuturoticTM, NeoSkin®, Soft TouchTM, UltraSkin, (if you're unsure of the type of material, check the packaging), and this type of material is widely used for erection rings and masturbation sleeves, as well as vibrators and dildos. Thoroughly wash with warm (never hot) water and a liquid antibacterial soap, then let air dry completely. Once dry, sprinkle with the included "renewing" powder or cornstarch. Never use talcum powder or baby powder, as these can cause irritation and sometimes larger problems for women (pure talc is fine but very difficult to find).

Because sex toys not only touch your skin, but touch very intimate areas of your body, it's extremely important to know whether you have any allergies or sensitivities to certain materials, cleansers, etc. If you're not sure, we highly recommend that you do an allergy test on a small patch of skin, such as the wrist, before using any product.

Yes, sex toys require care, but the good news -- little time and very little cost is required.

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