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Top 6 Toys Every Woman Needs To Try

Top 6 Toys Every Woman Needs To Try

Top 6 Toys Every Woman Needs To Try

When you are in a naughty mood, the last thing you want is to not be satisfied fully. Using your fingers can be fun, and sometimes that is all you will need, but that should not stop you from using toys to reach the highest high. Well, there are a ton of sex toys you can choose from, and a lot of them are perfectly suited for your pleasure. It all comes down to the type of toy you are searching for in the first place; what kind of stimulations do you need?

Of course, there is a lot more to masturbation than just playing with yourself. There are other things you could do to enhance the experience! Keep in mind that just because you do not have a sexual partner does not mean that you cannot feel fully satisfied in bed. Masturbation is natural and healthy, and there are lots of sex toys you might be interested in testing out. Here are some toys to keep in mind!

1. Dildos

You can always choose the classics if that is what you prefer. Today, dildos come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. So, whether you are searching for a realistic dildo or something out of the ordinary, you will be able to find it with ease. One of the most popular choices is the turbo rabbit dildo, for obvious reasons. There are dildos that come in skin color and others that are quite colorful. Here are also glass dildos if you prefer something harder. Let’s also not forget the double-headed dildos that are perfect to use with your partner or to plug both holes at once!

2. Thrusting Vibrators

With such a variety of vibrators to choose from, no matter what kind of stimulation you need, there is a high chance you will get your naughtiness satisfied with the right vibrator. Some of the most popular vibrators include the thrusting vibrators, where the name speaks for itself. These vibrators will give a thrusting movement along with lots of different vibrations. These toys are perfect for women who enjoy vaginal penetration as well as clitoral stimulation. There are a lot of models to choose from, so whether you prefer big, curvy, or other shapes of the thrusting vibrator, you will get all your naughty wishes satisfied.

3. Tongue Vibrators

Have you ever heard about a tongue vibrator? This is one of the newer models, and it offers a vibrator that simulates the tongue. The toys are incredibly popular because mimic oral sex. Some of these toys are quite small and discrete; others will offer vagina stimulation on top of some hot tongue action. You can find tongue vibrators in all shapes and sizes, and some come with many naughty attachments that you will surely enjoy.

Within that category, there are also air suction vibrators. Unlike the basic vibrators, the air suction and pulsation gives you a completely different experience. They are also available in different shapes and sizes, and some of them do come with attachments for other sorts of stimulation. However, they are often small, compact, and offer suction stimulation that you might have never experienced. If you are searching for something new and exciting for yourself, you should definitely consider these kinds of vibrators.

4. Anal Toys

On the other hand, you might be searching for something different. If you would like to experience different kinds of pleasures, you should check out the variety of anal sex toys that exist today. In the Melrose online sex shop, you can find all sorts of anal toys, from those suitable for beginners to the ones that are perfect for experienced ass lovers. There are also a variety of butt plugs and beads you can choose from. Of course, you also have the vibrating toys that can be put up the ass and simultaneously vibrating on your clit. Choose from the basic anal vibrator toys to something a bit kinkier, such as huge butt plugs. When it comes to anal toys, one cannot deny that the possibilities are endless.

5. Dual Penetration

Sometimes, vaginal stimulation is just not enough. Some women prefer to have both her holes plugged at the same time… and lucky for you, there are tons of toys that can offer just that. The double penetration vibrator toys come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. There are tiny double penetrators that can be controlled with the remote, while you also have the dual pleasure vibrators, where one end is phallic-shaped and the other as anal beads. These vibrators have very interesting shapes, and they are all designed to make you feel good… so at the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference.

6. Arousal Enhancers

In case you need some help getting wetter excited, there are tons of arousal enhancers you can consider. These usually come in the form of gel, and all you have to do is put them on your naughty bits. You can also purchase these enhancers in the form of a spray, but they all essentially offer a similar experience. However, there are many different forms of enhancers, and they work in different manners, so it is a good idea to test out a couple before you decide on your preferred one!

Other Toys

There are many other toys you could consider as well. Have you ever wanted to tighten your pelvic floor muscles? Well, there are toys called the Kegel Training balls that will help you train your pelvic floor muscles in no time! Let’s also not forget the variety of nipples toys you can enjoy as well. In case you enjoy having your nipples squeezed, licked, and just played with, you have tons of nipple clamps and suction toys that will enhance your naughty experience. On the other hand, there are tons of gels and even CDB skin massage oils that you can consider.

Getting Ready

A lot of people tend to miss this step because they are eager to masturbate. However, there are things to consider beforehand if you are in the mood for a longer session. First of all, make sure that your doors are locked so nobody can disturb you. Try and find a video or whatever makes you feel aroused before you get fully in the mood. Then take the toys you love the most, and do not forget to pick out the arousal enhancers. You should apply the enhancers once you are already wet, as that way, you will get the most out of the experience.

It is also a good idea to be in a place where nobody can hear you. You’d be surprised to learn just how freeing it is to be as loud as you want to be during your masturbation! So, try not to hold your voice in, let your naughtiness run wild, and try out as many naughty toys as you want to.


If you are interested in purchasing naughty toys but you are just too embarrassed to go to a sex shop, you can simply have the toy delivered to your doorstep. Today, there are many sex shops that will do all the work for you as you browse for naughty toys in the comfort of your home. has a huge selection of naughty toys for not only women but men and couples as well. With such a variety to choose from, there is no doubt that you will find your preferred sex toy. Enjoy and stay sexy!

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