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Beginner Leather Cuff Set

Type: BDSM

Add a little bondage to the bedroom. The Beginner's Cuff Set can take you from bondage beginner to expert. These leather cuffs are soft, but sturdy, completely adjustable to fit almost any size, and can be used on the wrists or ankles. The user friendly buckle fastenings hold your partner right where you want them, yet are easy to take off quickly if need be.

The 10 inch solid chain that connects the two cuffs add just enough freedom of movement, and can be wrapped around a bedpost, chair arm, or any other fixed object to keep your cuffed partner right where you want them. It can also be removed completely. To add to the excitement of this type of bondage, a blindfold mask is included, which brings some mild sensory deprivation to the mix. Cuff 'em and carry out your deepest desires with the Beginner's Cuff Set.


  • Adjustable vinyl cuffs -
  • High-strength metal chain and buckle
  • Perfect for first timers
  • Satin mask included