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Ride On Extender - The Most Realistic Penis Extension We Have Encountered

Ride On Extender - The Most Realistic Penis Extension We Have Encountered

Yes, our Company is Melrose Urban Female and that could imply we cater to women. But we try to meet the demands and needs of all. And there is one "need" in particular we have become aware of... men with ED (erectile dysfunction). Believe it or not, we do sell a lot of extenders and girth enhancers to men who want to add a some length and width to otherwise healthy erections. However, men with ED need support and typically extenders do not offer that. That is why we're big fans of Vixen Creation's Ride On. This is a hollow strapless strap-on, that offers comfort to the wearer and the receiver. It provides girth, length and support. And it's very realistic looking. Hand-crafted to be exact.

Most complaints about hollow strap-ons come from women. Men use them to please their partner only to find out it's too big and too hard. Not true with the Ride. It was crafted with everyone in mind.

99% of our customers have been satisfied with Ride On. But we did notice that some men thought it might too small. Guess what? We added the Ride On Colossus for those big guys. And that, too, has become very popular. <

The Ride On Extender - Dark

The Ride On was sculpted by Gina Dominguez, sculptor extraordinaire, in 2008, after an exhaustive year of research and development. At that time customers were requesting a user-friendly alternative to hard, toxic, smelly and unsightly PPAs then available. Gina worked to create a softer alternative, but not too soft! After lots of incarnations, Vixen Creations produced this luxurious product, made of our signature premium silicone.

Interested in extensions and extenders? Click here to our selection. Remember, these have been selected by our female staff as being penis worthy.

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