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Our Favorite App Controlled Sex Toys

Our Favorite App Controlled Sex Toys

Our Favorite App Controlled Sex Toys

We all know there are 50 ways to leave your lover. But do you know how many ways there are to stay connected with them intimately, when they are far from home?

Today’s most advanced sex toys are incorporating mobile technology to keep lovers connected sexually when they must be apart. Are you ready to step out of the phone sex era into the Smart Phone Sex age? If so, check out these 4 new toys which will keep your connected no matter where you are.

We-Vibe Synch Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Synch Couples Vibrator

The We Vibe is a popular toy on its own, but its latest incarnation - the We-Vibe Synch with App takes it to the next level. This insertable toy is worn by her during sex and vibrates against his penis and her clitoris. It can also be worn as a panty teaser when out and about.

When your partner is nearby, use the included remote, but when they are far, connect to the We Vibe with the downloadable app. This app allows you to use 10 vibrating functions as well as create your own vibrating patterns. Couples report loving this toy on date night or when they are with a group as it simply looks like they are checking their phone while actually controlling their partners pleasure. 

Buy the We-Vibe Synch with App on now for $199.95

OhMiBod BlueMotion

OhMibod Blue Motion Next Generation

The OhMiBod BlueMotion is a discrete panty vibe which can be connected to via Bluetooth or Wifi depending on the distance between you and your lover. Sold with an included pair of blue lace panties with a specially designed pouch that puts the OhMiBod exactly where you want it, this toy can easily bridge the distance between you and your significant other. The compact size allows for it to be comfortably worn for long periods, giving your lover the opportunity to connect with you whenever busy schedules allow.

The sophisticated app that controls this toy allows it to vibrate with the sound of your voice. Imagine the possibilities! Couples report using this toy while using Skype for a high tech, long distance romp.

Buy the OhMiBod BlueMotion on for $129.95

GBalls Interactive Kegel Balls

 G Balls 2 With App Silicone Pelvic Trainer

There are many exercise-tracking apps out there, but this one is truly OUT THERE. Keep track of your kegel workouts, control the vibration patterns and track your progression with a unique squeeze meter with the GBalls Interactive Kegel Ball and App.

Enjoy having your own personal trainer. Use it yourself to strengthen your pelvic floor and keep track of your workouts, or let your lover access it wirelessly to connect with you intimately throughout the day. Either way, this is a workout you won’t want to skip!

Buy the GBalls Interactve Kegel Balls at for $86.95

Remoji Lifeguard C-Ring with App

Whoever said ‘Don’t rock the boat’ certainly wasn’t going to the right type of beach parties, or at least didn’t have a Remoji Lifequard on duty! Lifeguard is a stretchy silicone couples' ring that accommodates all sizes to offer mind-blowing pleasure as well as intense external vibrations that are felt by both partners. The 6 different vibration modes have variable power you can control remotely - just download the Remoji app, turn on your Bluetooth and let the Lifeguard do his job.

Just because he is waterproof does mean the can't travel to other lands. Consider buying one and packing him in your guy's suitcase before his next business trip and turn him on with steamy phone sex. Literally.

Buy the Remoji Lifegaurd at for $59.95

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