Zolo Stealth Vibrating Male Masturbator

Zolo Stealth Vibrating Male Masturbator

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The Zolo Stealth features an optional performance sensor mode that increases intensity naturally as you penetrate. That particular mode takes vibration control out of your hands (so to speak) just a little bit, but you'll be gambling on practically guaranteed results.

Zolo Stealth isn't identifiable as masturbator at all - until the cap is off, that is. Pop it to reveal the non-detailed entrance to a long tunnel full of twisty ribbed and dotted texture. Comfortable in hand, yours or your playmate's, the Stealth's vibrating functions are easy to control using simple buttons at the base. Activate vibration by holding the power button down for 3 seconds, then push it in quick bursts for vibration. Increase or decrease intensity with buttons to the side. Be stealth and stay sexy.


  • Vibrating Male Stimulator with Smartsense Technology
  • 8 Complex frequency vibrating modes 
  • 7 Vibrating speeds 
  • Easy grip handle for one-handed use
  • Rechargeable. 2 hour charge lasts 1.5 hours

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