Zeus Beginners Estim Power Unit Kit

Zeus Electrosex Beginner's Power Kit

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The Beginner Electrosex Kit is the perfect package to get started in electrosex. It's simple, portable, and comes with all the attachments one needs to start. It's easy to adjust the pulse amplitude, rate, and intensity with the dials. It has two outputs, each capable of different intensities. With the two included tens pin lead wires, four sticky pads, and bonus Electrosex Clamps, you can get started the moment you open the package.

Once a user has reached the limitations of the included attachments, they can plug in any other Zeus Electrosex Accessory and open themselves up to whole new dimensions of pleasure.

Kit Includes:

  • Electrosex Power Supply Unit
  • 4 Sticky Reusable Pad Attachments
  • 2 Electrosex Nipple Clamps
  • 3 Pin Lead Wires
  • User Manual
  • 1 9V Battery

Also works great to relieve back pain and relax stressed muscles.

Safety: Electrosex is a sexual activity that requires caution. As a rule of thumb we highly recommend keeping electrosex play below the waist. In addition please do not use our products if any of the following apply to you: Have a pace maker, have epilepsy or other neurological disease. Are pregnant, have heart disease, while driving or operating equipment, near any metal objects such as piercing jewelry, rings, bracelets or metallic IUDs

Power: 1 9V Battery (included)



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