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We-Vibe Verge App Controlled Ring

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We-Vibe Verge Erection Ring with Phone App
We-Vibe Verge App Controlled  Erection Ring
How to Wear the We-Vibe Verge
We-Vibe Verge Erection Ring with Remote Control
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Playtime for him has never been so important. Slip into this vibrating ring and experience not only constriction but an intense perineum massage to tip you over the edge. Controlled via remote, enjoy hands-free pleasure, together or alone.

A unique and comfortable design, crafted from silky smooth silicone sits gently around the base of your penis and balls, transmitting stimulating vibrations to the perineum and beyond.

With over 10 vibration modes to choose from you can explore tailored pleasure to your liking. Verge is a very versatile toy which can be worn in different ways to find a position most comfortable for you, or for your partner's pleasure. Don't be on the verge.  Go for it and stay sexy.

USB rechargeable and waterproof, this is perfect for aquatic or on-the-go play.

Add a little lube to slide easily over the balls and penis.


  • Vibrating penis ring designed for solo pleasure or with a partner
  • Worn around the penis and testicles it provides acute stimulation to the perineum
  • 10+ vibration modes for varied sensations
  • Versatile ring can be worn for your pleasure or for your partner
  • Waterproof for aquatic adventures
  • USB rechargeable

Diameter: Minimum 2 inches,  Maximum 2.5 inches


Remote Control
Phone App
Power Source:

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