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Ultra Bator Thrusting and Swirling Automatic Stroker

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Ultra Bator Automatic Stroker
Ultra Bator Automatic Masturbator
Ultra Bator Automatic Stroker Chamber
Ultra Bator Stroker Box
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With the push of a button, this ultra masturbator thrust and swirls to create the ultimate experience.  The Ultra-Bator features 3 speeds of swirling rotation sensation, and up and down stroking action, all in one! The inner chamber is texturized with sensation feelers, and 4 windows on the sides that let you see all the action. This state of the art automatic masturbation device has an ergonomic hand held design, and a user friendly control pad, with a constant stroking motion and unique rotation feature that adds a whole new dimension to masturbation. To use, just lube it up and insert your penis Then turn on the stroker, select your speed, and let Ultra Bator do the work.  

Requires 4-AA batteries, not included

Material:TPE, ABS

Dimensions: 10.5 inches in total length, 2 inches in diameter


Power Source:

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