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If you want to learn about sex toys, Toygasms! is the book for you.  If you think yoiu know everything about sex toys, Toygasms! is still the book for you. If you are new to sex toys, this book is must-have, and  if you are an experienced sex toy user, we are pretty sure you will learn a few new things. 

Sex educator Dr. Sadie Allison guides you through today's sex toy web to help you find the shapes, sizes and sensations that are best for you --along with lots of fun, safe ways to achieve the best orgasms. Toygasm has than 100 tasteful illustrations showcasing toys and their uses. This book is perfect for women and men, for solo fun or couple play, for the shy or adventurous. Learn how to introduce sex toys to your partner and how to orgasm in ways you never thought possible. Toygasms! will explain: How to find the most exciting sex toys for you and your partner; no-blush secrets to introduce your lover to hot toy-play; fun ways to make every sex toy even better, over 40 toy-tested techniques for teeth-rattling orgasms; and how to care for and hide your personal sex toys from prying eyes.

Paperback 160 pages.

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