Tighten Up Vagina Shrink Creme

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Tighten Up Vaginal Cream

This unscented clear, water-soluble crme is a long lasting formulation that will make you feel like a virgin all over again!

Tighten Up Shrink Crme doesnt actually shrink the vagina since the vagina is such an elastic organ. However it contains astringent compounds that tend to draw skin together for a tighter tissue feeling. The astringents used in vaginal tightening creams are the same as those used in creams to shrink and sooth hemorrhoids.

Apply by massaging a very small amount into vaginal tissue. Allow 10 to 15 minutes to take affect, and enjoy!

Ingredients: Benzocaine (Ethyl p-Aminobenzoate U.S.P, Triclosan SA, Perfecta Petroleum U.S.P., Distilled Water, Dowicil 200 (Preservative)

container size: .25 oucnes