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Tighten Up Vagina Shrink Creme

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Tighten Up Shrink Creme
Tighten Up Shrink Creme Ingredients
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Enhance your sensations with the Tighten Up Shrink Crème. The odorless water-soluble cream is designed to tighten the vagina for prolonged intercourse pleasure. The long lasting, gentle formula tightens the vaginal muscles and enhances friction stimulation during penetrative play.

To experience the beneficial effects of this cream, apply the cream by massaging it directly into the vaginal tissues 10-15 minutes before play. After a few minutes, you will begin to feel the pleasurable tingling and tightening sensations. The paraben- free cream has a long lasting beneficial effect, and is gentle on your feminine, sweet spot.  Get tight and stay sexy.

Container size: 0.25 ounces

Ingredients:Benzocaine (Ethyl p-Aminobenzoate U.S.P, Triclosan SA, Perfecta Petroleum U.S.P., Distilled Water, Dowicil 200 (Preservative)


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