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Tantric Soy Massage Candle with Pheromones

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Experience the art of sensuality with the Tantric Soy Massage Candle with Pheromones. Ignite your intimate experience with your partner and lose yourself in its intoxicating aroma. Relax into the various scents as you reach new heights of intimacy through the power of scent and sensation.

Tantric candles are infused with nature’s own outstanding attractant, pheromones. These candles creates romantic ambient light that will seduce you and your partner into a night of electrified pleasure. The natural fragrance relaxes your sensual evening with incredible scents that set the mood for enhanced sensuality, exploration, and appreciation as a couple. Apply the warming wax to your hands as the flame melts it; then, gently distribute the wax onto your partner’s body for an erotic massage infused with natural aphrodisiacs and a sensual natural aroma that will add a whole new layer of excitement to your play. The candle liquefies into a warm and moistening massage oil that enriches the skin and enhances the touch with intensely relaxing stimulation.

Invigorate your senses and explore each other’s bodies in a whole new way with warmth and richly smooth sensation. The massage candles allows for easy cleanup and a heavenly scent that will ignite your desire and strengthen your sense of connection whenever you flick the flame to life. The candle burns for up to 40 hours and is made of 100 percent natural soy with hemp wicks. Tantric candles are not tested on animals.

Scent: Lavender


Pheromone Infused

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