Stay Safe. Stay Sexy.


We are living in uncertain times- details about Covid-19 (corona virus) from around the world and in our own communities are unfolding every hour. However, despite the unknown, one thing is certain- it’s that we face this situation together. At Melrose Urban our first priority is the safety of our customers, team members, and communities.

You’ve probably seen countless safety tips going around, and so we want to add in some safety tips that we stress- safer sex practices:

Many people are immediately learning the skill of how to negotiate with those they come into contact with, similarly to the way many of us negotiate safer sex practices: "Hey, can I come quarantine with you?" "Depends- what’s your exposure level? / Have you felt sick? / Only if you wear gloves and stay 6 feet away…” and so on.

Checking in with your own needs and setting boundaries to ensure that you are not only comfortable, but safe, is an essential skill when it comes to our sex lives as well. Though this process may be a new one for you, take some time to think about the way that you navigate these conversations, and how you can simply switch out the topic to have the same conversation fit many experiences: "Hey, do you want to have sex?" "Depends- when were you last tested? / Only if we use protection and have a safe word…” and so on.

While this can be extremely useful now, you can use this time to practice this type of communication and keep as a skill to integrate into your conversations and boundary setting post-social distancing as well.

Let this be an exercise that you practice and may be extremely useful now, but that you can also keep as a skill to integrate into your conversations and boundary setting post-social distancing as well.

MUF shares the concerns that you have for the many individuals who have been and may be affected by this illness, and we're truly thankful for the selfless healthcare workers who are on the front lines working to care for all in need.

We at MUF want to continue to effectively serve our customers. As this situation continues to evolve, we will make every effort to monitor and act appropriately to ensure best steps are continued to be taken. You can connect with our customer service team remotely via our website- for updates.

 We want to thank you for your patience and support during these challenging times.

Stay sexy. Stay safe.

MUF Staff



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