Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator

Sqweel 2 - Oral Sex Simulator

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There is a reason why this is called a "sqweel." The world's best oral sex simulator for women just got even better and is sure to make the sqweel of pleasure even loader. 

The upgraded oral sex simulator features all-new functions, a compact and slick case and a 10 tongue wheel made from smooth silicone. Featuring 3  speeds of rotation that transforms the tongued wheel into a lapping machine, it offers an experience closer to cunnilingus than other sex toys. Sqweel 2 also features a reverse function, allowing you to send the wheel spinning in the opposite direction and a flicker setting that rocks the wheel back and forth.

Housed inside its own easy-care case, the Sqweel 2 is easy-to-clean, store and protect. Simply remove the wheel to clean with warm water and soap or sex toy cleaner and leave to dry naturally before placing it back in its case.  We highly recommend using a water-based lubricant for added pleasure.