Scandal Beginner's Fetish Kit

Scandal Beginner's Fetish Kit

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Be scandalous and create your own fetish sex scene with the Beginner’s Fetish Kit.This irresistibly playful adult toy kit includes two silky silicone nipple suckers, a luxurious blackout eye mask and a roll of bondage tape.

The silky smooth nipple sucker set is the ultimate in intense nipple stimulation with a full coverage base, powerful suction bulb and flexible silicone material. Fit these comfortable nipple accessories to your body and embrace tantalizing erotic stimulation.

While the luxurious silky mask creates a sight restricting sensation to heightens sensitivity, elevate pleasure and intensify arousal for everyone involved in this sexual fetish scene. The mask is lightweight and travel-sized for sexy adventures wherever you go or to sleep soundly while you travel after those long sensual nights.

The versatile and reusable BDSM tape lets you dive deep into restraint play for endlessly creative fun. Giving yourself over to sensationally enhanced pleasure has never been so easy with this slender, multi-talented restraint tape.

No matter what bondage combination you choose, enjoy and stay sexy.


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