Satisfyer Duo Balls 3 Piece Training Set

Satisfyer Double Balls

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Satisfyer Balls Duo is a set of kegel weights that contain weighted balls inside the body-safe silicone design that vibrate with movement. This vibration activates the kegel muscles to flex and release, which can create more vaginal elasticity and even stronger orgasms. The set of 3 allow you to start at the lightest and work your way up to the heaviest most advanced ball as your kegels become stronger.

Identical in shape, sexy silkiness and handy looped retrieval cord, the CO3 balls differ only in weight. The lightest blue version, at 2.2oz/62.4g is a perfect start point to kegel practice. It'll provide the least resistance and require the least amount of 'flex' to keep it in place. If you find the blue balls a breeze, you can move on to the medium pink set at 2.8oz/79.4. The red balls are the heaviest, at 3.4oz/96g, and will be a great incentive to work up to.

Use a little water based lube for easy insertion. Get in shape and stay sexy!


  • Includes 3 sets of balls
  • Made from super soft silicone
  • Different weights
  • Fun and good for you

Dimensions: Total length is 6 inches.  Each balls is 3 inches long x 1.25 inches wide

Retrieval Cord

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