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Ride On Penis Extender

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Ride ON Penis Extension Vanilla. Recommend for men with ED.
Ride On Penis Extension Caramel.  Recommend for men with ED.
Ride On Penis Extension Tan
Ride On Penis Extension Chocolate.
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Ride On is our extender or PPA, which is hollow-shaped to fit over the penis. The underlying philosophy is to create a vacuum and pull the penis into the Ride On rather than to push.

Created for everyone who has been searching for a softer alternative to the hard, toxic and unsightly models on the market today. Ride On can be used by men with ED conditions or men who want to add girth and length. Also, you can keep pleasuring your partner between erections. Made using our ultra supple platinum silicone with a durometer a couple of notches softer than our regular formula. The hole for the testicles is comfortable due to the material and ability to stretch. The strap around the testicles allows for robust and stable stroking.

If you feel the Ride On might be too small for you, take a look at the Colossus, which is a larger version of the Ride On. Or if you think it might be too narrow for you, we have just added a new size of the Ride On, the Holster. It's thicker than the original Ride On and smaller than the Colossus. 

Need more help deciding which Ride On is best for you?  Click here to read more.

Outer - 6.25 inches long x 1.75 inches wide. Circumference is 5.25 inches
Inner- 4 inches long x 1 inch wide.  2.25 inches of solid tip

How Best to Put on the Ride On (quick guide)

  1. Roll the sleeve one third of the way down.
  2. Apply lubricant to the inside of the Ride On and your penis.
  3. Squeeze out the air.
  4. Place your penis in the opening and gradually release the pressure.
  5. Roll down the Ride On to the base.
  6. Pull the scrotum through the hole.
  7. Pull to one side and push through testicle.
  8. Repeat with the other.
  9. Have fun!

Detailed Instructions:

This instruction guide is the best way, with or without an erection to secure the Ride On. The basic philosophy is to create a vacuum and pull the penis into the Ride On rather than to push. This is best accomplished by rolling the sleeve inside out about one third the way down the shaft. You will see a gripping ridge designed to help stability. Use approximately a quarter's diameter size amount of water-based lubricant divided between the inside of the Ride On and your penis. Too much lubricant will eliminate the friction that helps your penis and the Ride On move as one. We recommend you practice putting it on at least once, before trying with a partner. This will allow you to fine tune the procedure.

With one hand squeeze the Ride On, eliminating the air inside. With your other hand, push the head of the penis into the opening and slowly release the pressure on the Ride On from the bottom up. This is accomplished by releasing the pinkie, then ring finger, middle finger then pointer. The action will pull your penis into place. Unroll the sleeve to the base of your body.

Take the testicle ring and pull your scrotum through the ring as far as possible where the testicles touch the Ride On but are not through. Then pull the ring with your left hand to the left and push through that testicle. Repeat on the other side.

If your penis is not firmly held when using, reduce the amount of lubricant on the inside. Once you start to use the Ride On with a partner, use plenty of lube on the outside. This will make it more comfortable for your partner and also reduce the chance of internal slippage of your penis.



6.25 inches
1.75 inches
Tan/Light Brown

Customer Reviews

6 reviews

  • 2

    Not as big as I thought...

    Posted by Juan on 18th Mar 2016

    I was surprised at how small the opening was that your penis goes in. I don't have what I'd consider a large penis, but there wasn't any way that I could get the extender on. I'm going to try the colossus and see if it works better for me.

  • 4

    Bitter Sweet

    Posted by Anonymous on 6th Apr 2015

    As a 68 year old man with a penile implant that cost me serious penis size, I'm thankful for penis extender that really works! It looks and feels so real it's unbelievable. The really sweet side is that my wife was absolutely blown away!! Many orgasms--really! It's phenomenal!! The bitter side is that it is a booger to get on! It's supposed to pull my penis inside by a vacuum created by squeezing and releasing with the head of the penis at the mouth of it. Well, that is easier said than done! Must take a lot of practice. Then getting my testicldes inside the strap to hold the extender in place is definitely a two person job! I had to stretch while my wife pulls my testicles through the strap. Bottom line, it definitely works, but theirs a lot of work getting to it. Perhaps I will get better at getting it on in time, I can say that for what it does for my wife, it was money well spent! I'd buy it again.

  • 3

    Not for the average guy

    Posted by Average Joe on 27th Mar 2015

    I have ED but still have all the sexual feelings. My wife and I have always enjoyed a very healthy appetite, so the ED sucks basically. This product is what they say it is. It is not hard like alot of other strapons and is somewhat life like but nothing like the lifelike feel of UR3 (its hands down the best, makes my wife horny just to feel it) If you are an average size man, you will probably not be able to get this on. When you roll it up as they instruct, if your penis is larger than your little finger, it is NOT going to fit. By not rolling it, you have 1" hole. Wife says it needs to be bigger but not as large as the Collous. If you buy it good lot not injuring youself getting it around your testicles.

  • 5

    Very Realistic - highly recommend this for those wondering

    Posted by Anonymous on 26th Feb 2015

    I highly recommend this product for those wonder which extender to purchase. This is realistic looking, soft & just feels real - this is our first sex toy, for the enjoyment of a great time with the one your with - the price is worth every cent. Recommend getting the ride on warm before you use it. Use hot water - I used a damp cloth and wrapped it with a heat pad, lubed up as recommended slid it on - the ring was a little tricky to get to fit around the my boys at first - but when it was secure - the fit was spot on! My wife said the warmth made the ride o feel like a real penis with a little lube on the outside for easy insertion - was great to see the wife enjoy herself.

  • 4

    Great Customer Support

    Posted by Anonymous on 31st Jan 2015

    I 'm a 55 YO male, and have ED, so my wife and I finally decided to research some products that would spice things up, I'm away out of town and decided to shop online myself, I return over the Valentine's day weekend. I wanted to surprise her, I ordered this ride on, it came in the mail discreetly, and I wanted to test the fit, while trying to put my scrotum thru the ring - it snapped, I emailed customer service and they returned my call within 24 hours and a new one is in the mail and should arrive prior to my departure. This ride on from a man's view, it's looks and feels real, very soft - not like the hard plastic dildos. SO I have not use it with my wife yet but looking forward to a very romantic and passionate Valentin's Day. Thank you customer support - I'll rate it to a 5 star after i try it out.

  • 5

    Look No Further

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Feb 2014

    After so much trial and error when it came to hollow extenders, the Ride On has finally ended our search. My husband had ED (health related) but still enjoys sex and wants to please me. He bought some other extensions that just did not work, mostly for me. Too big. Too weird. We called Melrose Urban Female and they recommend this. It looks very close to a real penis. And feels like a real. It's expensive, but we wasted so much money on other ones.

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