Ride 'Em Cowgirl

Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Book

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This tasteful sex-position guidebook shows you how to give (and receive!) the most extraordinary pleasures you've ever felt in bed. Ride 'Em Cowgirl! features fun, motivating narrative by America's Pleasure Coach, Dr. Sadie Allison, along with over 100 inspiring illustrations to boost your passions to orgasmic new heights.

Not another content-lacking, pretzel-position book, Dr. Sadie's breakthrough 'upgrades' let you adjust positions you already love to fit your own unique shapes. For new couples as well as longtime lovers Ride 'Em Cowgirl! is as fun and empowering as it is sensual and thrilling.

  • Over 100 customized point-n-play positions to spice up your lovemaking
  • Tastefully illustrated throughout to help you match the angle to the dangle!
  • Strokes squeezes & sensations your lover wants (but isn't telling you...)
  • Secret touches to set off eye-opening G-spot and He-spot orgasms
  • Arousing penis moves to give her omigod orgasms during intercourse

Paperback. 240 pages.

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