Probe Personal Lubricant

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Probe Personal Lubricant

If you have allergic sensitivity Probe is the lube for you to try!

Recommended by health professionals, Probe Classic is a thick, rich, long-lasting lubricant made with a natural citrus preservative and perfect for vaginal oral and most commonly anal use. It is laboratory formulated to mimic the body's own mucous fluid so it won't irritate sensitive body tissues (and contains no nonoxynol-9).

Probe Classic is odorless, tasteless, non-staining, water-based, water-soluble (harmless if swallowed), and safe for use with latex condoms and synthetic toys. With its non-toxic composition and neutral pH, Probe is safe enough to swallow and gentle as tears.

Container Sizes:
2.5 oz. Bottle with Flip-Top Lid
8.5 oz. Bottle with Flip-Top Lid
17 oz. Pump