Penis Girth Enhancer

Penis Girth Enhancer

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Have you dreamed of having a bigger, harder and prolonged erection? Now you can achieve this with Doctor Love's Penis Girth Enhancer. Most penis extenders add length to the penis however many people prefer fullness over length. Doctor Love's Penis Girth Enhancer provides a full 1/2 inch to your girth to completely satisfy your partner with fuller-feeling thrusting.
Dr. Love's Penis Girth Enhancer wraps tightly around your shaft, instantly increasing your thickness. She'll love the "new you" and the clever design leaves your penis head exposed so you won't miss out on the fun either.Made from realistic material, this extension won't feel like a sex will feel like YOU, only better. Sometimes having a little "extra around the middle" is actually a good thing.

Made of New Concepts SKINN material, you won't know where this comfortable ultra-realistic sleeve ends and your own skin begins. Adjusting to your body heat,  the enhancer feels just like you, only thicker. 

Unlike some other similar products,this one takes into consideration that the wearer may just want to feel some pleasure, too.  Once in place, it stays put, leaving the head of the penis exposed. You'll find that the sleeve will not only add inches, but may also keep you harder and lasting longer too, since it restricts blood flow from the penis.

The versatile Penis Girth Enhancer may also be used as a masturbator for tight realistic sensation.
  • Increases your girth for your partner's satisfaction
  • Exposes penis head for orgasmic stimulation
  • Ensures longer performance and harder erection
  • Stretches to accommodates most penis sizes

Care Instructions:

    1. Wash after each use with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water.
    2. Pat dry with soft cotton towel and allow to air dry completely.
    3. Generously apply Renew or cornstarch to properly main your SKINN product. This will restore the original soft non-sticky smooth realistic texture.
    4. Since SKINN material is sensitive like CyberSkin store away from other jelly or silicone toys which might decompose the material.
    5. Use only water-soluble non-silicone base lubricants.

Dimensions: A stretchy 5",  6" or 7" length and the diameter is 1 1/2" (diameter of opening is 1/2". The bottom end of the sleeve (where you insert your penis) is slightly tighter to help maintain your erection and increase performance.