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Neva Nude Face Masks

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Neva Nude Face Masks
Meow-Za Pink Glitter Kitty Face Mask
F*CK Off Holographic Text Face Mask
Pucker Up Red Glitter Lips Face Mask
White Glitter Back Up Black Face Mask
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Whether you're partying in the playa or being a conscientious civilian keeping those cooties at bay, Neva Nude has you covered night and day! These DM's get an A+ for fashionable face coverage that is both comfy and cool. The masks are made with a flexible elastic trim with an easy looping structure for both quick covers and rapid releases. Hand selected, breathable fabrics allow you to take a deep breath, don your dystopian best, an head out into this Brave New World.

What Makes Them So Awesome:
• Comfortably cover nose, mouth, and chin - it’s like a hug for half of your face!
• Stretchy elastic trim allows for quick coverage and rapid release without giving you dumbo ears
• Cotton liner provides maximal breathability and can even double as a reversible look. NAILED IT!
• Each mask is handmade and therefore unique!


  • Pucker Up Red Glitter Lips Face Mask
  • White Glitter Back Up Black Face Mask
  • Meow-Za Pink Glitter Kitty Face Mask
  • F*Ck Off Holographic Text Face Mask

Height: 5.4"
Full Width: 12"
Edge to Edge: 8"
If you find your mask is a little tight, pull on the ear loops! They will stretch :)

Materials: 100% cotton inner liner, spandex/polyester blend for outer layer.

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