Modern Kama Sutra Vol. 3 - Positions for Great Sex DVD

Modern Kama Sutra Vol. 3 - Positions for Great Sex DVD

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Designed for lovers who desire incredible sex, the Modern Kama Sutra Erotic Workshop consists of three erotic programs that teach the ancient art of Kama Sutra. Hosted by Dr. Patti Britton, discover techniques for heightened sensitivity and arousal that brings spirituality and passion to your erotic encounters!

May be purchased separately or together in a gift set!

 Volume 3: Sexual Positions for Great Sex

 Discover the amazing array of sexual unions or sexual positions - using the inspiration of the ancient and our modern Kama Sutra. Try standing or kneeling lying or sitting positions to bring out the passion in your sexual encounters. Watch four attractive real life couples as they explicitly experiment with different positions different locations and different times of day. Learn how to give and receive during lovemaking. Explicit sexual content. The running time is 110 minutes.


  • Ancient secrets of sexual union
  • Principal sexual positions
  • Positions names after animals
  • Advanced sexual positions
  • Modern sexual positions
  • Experimenting with time & space 

About Dr. Patti Britton...

Dr. Britton is a Clinical Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, Diplomat of the American Board of Sexology, and Certified Sex Educator by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. She has helped thousands of couples to enhance their sexuality through her books and workshops. Dr. Britton has appeared on national TV including Hard Copy, CNBC, American Journal, Leeza, Ricki Lake, Montel, CBS This Morning and is frequently quoted in popular magazines such as Cosmo, Men's Fitness, Men's Health, Playgirl and Penthouse. She is the author of three books and a regular Penthouse Forum columnist.