Metal Ben Wa Balls

Metal Ben Wa Balls

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Ben Wa balls, also known Orgasm balls and Geisha balls, are small, marble-sized balls, usually hollow and containing a small weight, that roll around and are used for sexual stimulation. 

Ben-Wa Balls, now famous thanks to  Fifty Shades endorsed kegel weight/pleasure balls is absolutely worth some excitement. These perfectly round and weighted pair is slick, shiny, seamless and made of stainless steel.

Steel is very sensitive to temperature, aside from naturally warming with body heat, and retaining that heat for long periods of time, you'll also be able to cool the Balls dramatically, just pop them in the fridge or freezer before using, or place in warm or cool water. The nonporous surface cleans easily and can be completely sterilized, if need be, soap and water or a good toy cleaner works just fine for everyday cleaning, but you'll also be able to run your Metal Worx through the dishwasher, wipe down with a bleach solution, or place in boiling water.

There's very little maintenance required with a steel toy, care should be taken not to scratch it with abrasive surfaces or cleaners, but that's about all you'll need to worry about. In terms of lubricants, anything goes with steel, you'll be able to use your favorite oil, water or silicone based formulas, and as a bonus, you'll find that a little lube goes a very long way. Your Ben-Wa Balls come presented in a sturdy foam-lined storage case.

The Medium Metal Worx Balls are 1 inch (25mm) in diameter, with a combined weight of 5.2 oz (147g).


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